Emily's First Bicycle [Ordinary Days]

On Tuesday we ventured over to Toys R Us, we were actually looking for this shaky hammer thing that Emily brought just before Christmas that Isabelle has fallen in love with - it's just one of those £1 party bag fillers, but we cannot for love nor money find another to replace the one Emily has. Sadly Toys R Us didn't have any left, with their closing down sale I kind of expected them not to have any left, but somehow Sam and I ended up buying Emily her very first bike.

We never went into the shop with the intention of buying her a bike, although we have spoken about it quite a lot, as she will be four this year and keeps talking about having her very own bike. Our plan was to buy her one for her birthday. When we were in toys r us she was testing out the last few display bikes they had left. Sam was teaching her how to peddle, as she seems to peddle half way and then stop which I know is pretty normal for children her age. She absolutely fell in love with the bikes and asked us if she could have one. Sam and I had no intention of buying her one, we literally went to the shop to just have a look, but the price was just too good to leave it behind.

The bike she actually picked out seemed as if it was made for her, its purple, and has ballerina's, and it's her size. It also only end up costing us £30 - which is an absolute steal if you ask me. After much deliberation, we decided to through caution to the wind and just buy it for her. Since we have got it home she has played on it non stop. She absolutely loves her big girl bike, so much so she has said that Isabelle can have her little pink bubble car - something that she was obsessed with and didn't ever want to part with!

We then headed to Halfords in search of a helmet for her, I fell in love with this gorgeous white polka dot one, but I didn't want to influence Emily, so I let her pick the one she wanted and much to my surprise she picked the exact one I picked out! She also wanted to pick a basket for bunny to sit in, both Sam and I knew that she would want something for bunny as bunny goes EVERYWHERE with her. I was expecting the basket to be a little more expensive than it was, but I only ended up paying £5 for it, which I was really impressed with. She also got a little pink bell.

My big girl has everything that she could possibly need for her new bike now, and she is fast learning to ride it. I can't quite believe that my first baby is almost four, and she isn't a baby anymore. When did that happen? Her bike is actually part of her fourth birthday present but we decided to just give it to her now, as then she can practice and play on it all summer, as her birthday isn't until September.

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