Emily At 3.5 Years

Emily has changed so much since I last posted an update about her, she is beyond clever and has such strong opinions on everything. She's feisty, determained, and won't be swayed once she has made her mind up on something. She is also really kind and loving, especially to her sister, and has a great deal of empathy. I couldn't be more proud of the person she has become if I tried but the day she turned three, she developed this fierce independence, to the point that she won't let anyone help her do anything, even if she is really struggling, she doesn't care - she won't accept help. It's frustrating for me as I want nothing more than to help her, but at the same time, I don't want to force her to accept help that she doesn't want and I really try to let her figure her own stuff out.

Sizing of clothing is another problem that we constantly battle with. She needs 3-4 years around the waist, but then she needs 4-5 years in length. I'm constantly sinching in the waistbands of clothing for her, which can be quite frustrating, as sometimes I can't always sinch it in. I don't seem to have many problems with regards to tops, as I just size up and it's ok if they look a little baggy for a while. She is so tall but so slim, we often joke that she has hollow legs as she doesn't stop eating, yet there is nothing of her. I'm guessing because she is so hyperactive, and doesn't sit still for a minute that she just burns it off really fast.

One of my favourite qualities of Emily is her sense of adventure and imagination. She is absolutely fearless and will give anything a try. She also has a really good imagination when it comes to pretend play, she loves to make cups of tea and cakes for everyone. She often goes to the draws to get out her little notepad and pens so that she can then take everyone's order, before heading to the kitchen to write it all out.

Bunny is still a permanent important fixture in her life, she absolutely adores him, tells everyone bunny is her best friend and he goes everywhere that we go. she would be absolutely devastated if anything happened to him, as would I. I couldn't imagine her ever losing her bunny. I know that she would be so upset with herself and everyone if she couldn't find him. I also know that she wouldn't sleep without him either. Isabelle quite likes the look of Emily's bunny, but whenever she reaches for him, Emily quickly gets on the defensive and snatches him away - she is really good with sharing everything else, apart from bunny. Which I guess is understandable.

She has started ballet and absolutely loves it. Every day the first thing she asks me when she wakes up is, 'is it ballet day today' and is so crushed when I say it isn't. She's doing really well at ballet to, she is a complete natural, really flexible and learns the routines really quickly. Her teacher has even commented that she has taken to the class really well. Clearly she is a natural, she has been wanting to do ballet for as long as I can remember, she used to ask all the time but it took me a while to find a class that she could go to, since starting I haven't looked back, it has been really good for her socially too. She is about to start her second term soon - she also looks adorable in her ballet stuff.

Emily is potty trained and has been since the day she turned three. She woke up on her third birthday and told Sam and I that she was a big girl now, and she no longer needed nappies, she just wanted pants. She has been dry with only a few accidences since. She also is completely dry through the night, I accidentally put her to bed without a nappy on, about a month into potty training and she was dry all night, woke up in the morning and asked for a week. Since then I haven't bothered to put any nappies on her, and she has had no accidents at night. Which I'm super proud of her for. I strongly believe that she took so well to potty training because she wasn't rushed and she was ready. I think once they are ready, they just go for it and don't look back.

Emily absolutely loves baking, it's her favourite thing to do and she has informed me that she would like to make lots of cakes when she is a big girl too. I did ask if that was the job she wanted and she replied with 'no I'm going to be a doctor'. She really enjoys helping us cook dinner too. Whenever she can help she does, and she constantly asks if she can help me in the kitchen - it does mean that a dinner that would usually take me about 10 minutes to prep and put in the oven takes about 20, but that's the fun of it right.

She is so ready for school now, but she just misses the cut off for this year, so I get a extra year of her being at home with me. I kind of have mixed feelings about that, I'm a little sad that she isn't going this year because she constantly asks to go to school and is more than ready. On the other hand, I'm glad that I get an extra year with her, and I know that Isabelle is enjoying spending time with her sister. They have a really strong bond and are just the sweetest together. I know that when Emily does start school, Isabelle is really going to miss her.

Some questions for Emily.
Whats your favourite colour? Purple and pink, and all the colours of the rainbow.
Who is your best friend? Isabelle, Dadda and Mama, I just love my family.
Whats your favourite thing to do? Make cakes in the kitchen with mummy.
Whats your favourite food? Sausages, Mash Mash and gravy with puddings (she means Yorkshire puddings).
What is your favourite toy? Playing in my kitchen, and with Isabelle. Isabelle loves it when we play with the teacups.
Whats your favourite thing to watch on TV? Trolls and Hey Duggee
What's something I always say to you? I love you to the moon and stars.
What makes you happy? My bunny and sissy.
How old are you? 3
How old is mama and daddy? I don't know how old mama is, daddy is 50 (bless her heart, she just picked a random number).
What do you want to be when you get older (for a job)? I want to be a Doctor, in the hospital and do blood pressure, like when you had a tummy bump (she means when I was pregnant)
What do you like to do with mummy and daddy? Make pizza's with cheese, and yellow bits (She means sweetcorn), and chicken. I like it when me and mama go to the shops and jump in puddles when Isabelle stays at home with daddy. I like dinosaurs with daddy too, at bedtime.

Bunny. Her best friend and still her most treasured possession.
Being outside, and puddle splashing
Her baby sister.
The colour purple, anything purple and he wants it.
Hey Duggee, Sofia the first, Thomas the tank engine, PJ masks and Spiderman.

Vegetables, well lately she seems to be trying to avoid most foods.
Bedtime. She still never wants to go to sleep and is always awake at midnight.

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