Easter Weaning Recipes [With Tommee Tippee]

As you may know, if you have read my weaning updates, we are not having the easiest time when it comes to weaning Isabelle, there are lots of things that we are having to avoid due to slight allergic reactions, and then there is the fact we have to completely avoid dairy. She also is pretty fussy and hates different textures so we have lots of hurdles to try and overcome. That doesn't mean that I'm giving in though, or that weaning can't be fun. I have recently found that the more interesting something looks, the more likely Isabelle is to try it. We have also moved away from puree's because I feel like it isn't helping her, and she won't try new foods as she gets really lazy.

We have kindly been gifted some weaning tableware by Tommee Tippee, and Isabelle has got on so well using it. She especially loves the section plates and I couldn't recommend them more. They are slightly tilted meaning she can reach the food with ease, and they have three sections meaning I can separate various different foods. I have found by separating things she is more likely to pick it up and actually try it. Much to both mine and Sam's surprise. I thought that I would share with you a few of the fun recipe cards that Tommee Tippee put together for Easter.

We decided to give the rabbit porridge a go, both Emily and Isabelle ended up having this, and they both loved it. Isabelle still isn't overly keen on the texture of porridge, but it is something that we keep trying with her, as she doesn't mind the taste once she has actually eaten it. We swapped out the chocolate buttons for dairy-free ones, and instead of using milk we used KoKo dairy-free coconut milk. I loved the addition of rabbit apple ears, I would never think to put an apple with porridge, but Emily absolutely loved it. It's not normally a fruit we give at breakfast, so I think that will be something I will change in the future.

We used the Tommee Tippee easy scoop bowls to serve the porridge, they come in a packet of four different colours, they are really easy to hold and perfect for younger children. Emily got on really well with them too, as she could hold the tab at the side of the bowl, and scoop out the last bit independently, something that she normally struggles with (she's three). 

Overall both the girls are loving the tableware they were gifted, and they equally loved the easter recipe cards from Tommee Tippee. Next up we will be trying the bunny pancakes, Isabelle is a big fan of pancakes, so I know they will be a hit for her, Emily I'm not so sure of though, as she changes her mind constantly when it comes to pancakes. I'd love to hear if you have any tips to help us along on our weaning journey.

We were kindly gifted some tableware from Tommee Tippee in exchange for our honest opinions.

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