Contraception And Period Rage

Contraception isn't something that many people speak of, but it's something that is part of most peoples everyday life. I take a contraceptive pill every day to prevent pregnancy because I know that I'm never having another baby. I couldn't go through another loss, or pregnancy again. The relentless sickness, and not being able to do anything was just way too much for me and quite honestly, never having to do it again sounds perfect. I'm also really content with just having two babies, lots of people ask if I want a little boy, but in all honesty, I'm happy with my little team of girls, I was never all that fussed about gender, as long as they were happy and healthy that is all that mattered to me.

The thing is contraception doesn't actually stop your damn periods, and this is where being a women absolutely sucks. I never used to be all that bothered by my periods, before I had children they were light, lasted about 3 days max and then that was it for another month, it was a blooming amazing and now I realise just how lucky I was. Now they are worse than ever, and I thought that I'd tell you exactly why, just in case you were wondering, or thinking things went back to normal after you had children - because they don't.

First up there are the tears, full on emotional, sobbing over silly stuff that normally wouldn't bother me in the slightest, but woow if a character on my favourite TV show dies, and I'm on my period, I just can't stop the tears. Something that Sam loves to take the mick out of - thanks for that babe. This week I even cried because I dropped Emily's Easter egg and it cracked. I mean come on, she is just going to whack it when she goes to open it anyway so what does it really matter?!

Then there is the constant tiredness, it doesn't matter how much you sleep - let's be honest I have two kids who hate sleep and often are still awake at 11pm, but even if I did get a full 12 hours, I guarantee I would still be really tired. I feel like I'm running on empty, constantly wanting to just neglect the housework and sit and do nothing but attempt and fail to fall asleep.

Not to mention a killer backache and the cramps. I always suffered from a bad back, but since having the girls - who both decided to come back to back. The pain is so much worse. I literally feel like I've been kicked in the back about ten times, god help me if I pick Isabelle up as it's so much worse. Then there is the period pains, the annoying pain that never goes, and I find really hard to ignore. Thanks, mother nature, I know that periods are normal but did I really need pain, for no reason other than your body doing what is natural?

Then the bleeding. The part that no one wants to talk about, everyone finds embarrassing and makes you feel like you constantly need to just stand in the shower. It's gross and horrible, and guaranteed just like me it's destroyed about 5 pairs of your favourite pants. Bleeding is horrible, there is no nice way to think about it. I spend the whole time I'm on my period worried about stains, or accidentally leaking through clothing and not noticing. I mean does anyone actually need that added worry and pressure?! I don' think so.

I have recently found Knixteen though, and I'm ordering some because they sound like an absolute game changer. They are the perfect period pants. They have 'Oh-No' proof technology that is like having a really thin panty liner built in. Saving you and your pants from those annoying, life-ruining leaks I was talking about. Not to mention they also combat the funny smell that Aunt Flo likes to bring with her, as the underwear has odor-crushing technology that keeps you feeling fresh. I mean, they sound perfect right?

Lastly, there is the rage which I have no idea where it comes from, it just appears and it only takes something little to make me lose it. There is literally so much rage, over nothing. I have no idea why Aunt Flo brings it with her, it seems kind of pointless and its actually quite annoying because I know I will end up unexpectedly losing the will to live, with Sam over something that doesn't even matter, and isn't even important, and then that will be followed with those annoying tears I was mentioning earlier - full circle people, full circle.

I mean wouldn't it be more effective to just have a contraceptive pill that completely got rid of periods. I know I would be so much happier if I never had to experience a period ever again.

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