CMPA Weaning Diaries [4]

I mentioned in my last weaning update that I was feeling a little frustrated with a combination of people when it came to weaning Isabelle, the GP, the Dietician and the health visitor. People who are supposed to be there for you, hold you up, give you advice and help you along the way. Something that I strongly feel they are not doing for us lately. If you read my last update you will know that Isabelle's prescription was reduced - pretty much cut in half, without warning or explanation. I wasn't even notified that it was going to happen. I ordered the prescription as normal and when I went to collect it, I noticed it wasn't right. I queried it the chemist, thinking maybe he made a mistake but nope, he was right.

Feeling confused and frustrated I reached out to the GP, the GP said they wouldn't adjust it back without speaking to the dietician, the dietician wouldn't pick up the phone so I felt like I was a little bit stuck. I used the prescription way faster than I normally would which was to be expected, it was about half the normal amount. I ordered another lot of prescription because I couldn't not give her milk, and I couldn't give her something that I didn't have. I knew that the GP would get funny about me ordering another lot of prescription as I am only supposed to order it every 28 days, and I had ordered it after just two (and a little bit) weeks. I ordered it anyway, and emailed the dietician telling her the situation since she wasn't phoning me back I figured that an email would work better as she could get in contact with me when she was ready.

Later that day she actually got in contact with me, she wasn't happy about the whole situation and said that Isabelle shouldn't be on as much milk as she is, according to her she should be on 4 5oz bottles a day - so 20oz total. She is actually still on 5 6oz bottles a day - so 30oz a day. I explained that she wasn't taking to weaning very well and that I couldn't simply cut down her milk when she wasn't eating enough, She has temporarily agreed to put the prescription back up until may - we are awaiting an appointment to see her in May. Once we see her we will look the situation, see if she has improved or not and make a plan for going forward.

The GP surgery then called to tell me it wasn't acceptable that I had ordered repeat prescription so close to the others, but they have processed it this time, and they received an email from the dietician while they were on the phone to me so have put it back up temporarily.

The whole thing has left me SO frustrated, I feel out of control, and like I have no say over what Isabelle is having. When I weaned Emily we could take our time, and I would just buy however much formula she needed. I feel like there is this added pressure to wean her faster than she is ready, which I'm not comfortable doing and something that I'm really not going to do. I have tried giving her milk before food, and food before milk neither of which work. She just isn't all that keen on food, we have found some things that she likes, but it's not enough to fill her up and replace her milk. She gags and spits most things out, and just generally isn't all that interested in food. I do keep offering her new foods, and I'm hoping that with time she will get a little better and start eating more, but I guess only time will tell. Who knew weaning could be so stressful, and that no one is all that interested in offering support.

Since my last update, there are quite a few new things that we have tried for her that she has taken too. She has found a real love for Melon, and cheese on toast. She is still loving vegetables and her favourite meal is currently meatballs, pasta, and garlic bread. She also loves the piccolo spaghetti bolognese pots. She is a really big fan of the occasional skip too, it's nice to find a crisp that they bt. We also found out over Easter that she is a big fan of moo free chocolate. I'm not really sure how weaning is going to go from here, but I will keep you updated.

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