Being An Adult Sucks Sometimes

I'm a little bit quieter than I normally am on here, and to be honest the reason for that is I just don't have much to say at the moment. I'm feeling a little bit down and lost. I'm trying to support my Grandma, and help her out with the things that she needs, and I've also been looking into preschool for Emily - which is a huge deal for me.

Paddling Pool Splashing

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year, naturally, I had to get out the paddling pool for the girls. Isabelle hasn't actually ever seen the sun or warm weather like this, even though she is a summer baby - it really did feel like we had the LONGEST winter known to man. Emily couldn't wait to get outside to play, I had actually cleaned out the sand and water table the week before in preparation for her being able to play out there. So it took me a matter of minutes to fill it all up.

Picnic In The Park

Sam and I tend to get a little bit of cabin fever, especially when the weather is nice. The girls love being outdoors, Emily especially and we don't have a garden, so when the warmer weather does come - we find ourselves going out more, or getting really frustrated that we don't have a garden or both. Sunday was the first day in a long time that we have had really nice weather, doesn't it feel like we have had the longest winter known to man? My poor summer baby doesn't know what the sun is.

Isabelle's 9 Month Update

Nine months old, just three short months until your first birthday, how have we got there so fast. When I was pregnant with Emily everyone said to make the most of the days where they are young, soak them up as they go by so fast. I sort of shrugged that off and thought how can days possibly go faster, but it's true they did - yet this time around, it seems to have gone even faster. I'm not sure if that is because I have two babies to take care of now, or what it is, but I seemed to have blinked and my diddy little girl is suddenly so big, and boisterous.

Mama, How Did The Baby Get In Your Tummy?

What do you do when your three-year old starts to ask where babies come from? I have to be honest, I knew this question would creep up eventually, but not this young. I guess since Isabelle was born, she has been fascinated with everything to do with babies, doctors, and midwives. She often tells us that she wants to be a doctor. Her exact words the other day were 'I want to be a doctor, in a hospital and do blood pressure like when you had a tummy bump. 

Emily At 3.5 Years

Emily has changed so much since I last posted an update about her, she is beyond clever and has such strong opinions on everything. She's feisty, determained, and won't be swayed once she has made her mind up on something. She is also really kind and loving, especially to her sister, and has a great deal of empathy. I couldn't be more proud of the person she has become if I tried but the day she turned three, she developed this fierce independence, to the point that she won't let anyone help her do anything, even if she is really struggling, she doesn't care - she won't accept help. It's frustrating for me as I want nothing more than to help her, but at the same time, I don't want to force her to accept help that she doesn't want and I really try to let her figure her own stuff out.

Easter Weaning Recipes [With Tommee Tippee]

As you may know, if you have read my weaning updates, we are not having the easiest time when it comes to weaning Isabelle, there are lots of things that we are having to avoid due to slight allergic reactions, and then there is the fact we have to completely avoid dairy. She also is pretty fussy and hates different textures so we have lots of hurdles to try and overcome. That doesn't mean that I'm giving in though, or that weaning can't be fun. I have recently found that the more interesting something looks, the more likely Isabelle is to try it. We have also moved away from puree's because I feel like it isn't helping her, and she won't try new foods as she gets really lazy.

Emily's First Bicycle [Ordinary Days]

On Tuesday we ventured over to Toys R Us, we were actually looking for this shaky hammer thing that Emily brought just before Christmas that Isabelle has fallen in love with - it's just one of those £1 party bag fillers, but we cannot for love nor money find another to replace the one Emily has. Sadly Toys R Us didn't have any left, with their closing down sale I kind of expected them not to have any left, but somehow Sam and I ended up buying Emily her very first bike.

Contraception And Period Rage

Contraception isn't something that many people speak of, but it's something that is part of most peoples everyday life. I take a contraceptive pill every day to prevent pregnancy because I know that I'm never having another baby. I couldn't go through another loss, or pregnancy again. The relentless sickness, and not being able to do anything was just way too much for me and quite honestly, never having to do it again sounds perfect. I'm also really content with just having two babies, lots of people ask if I want a little boy, but in all honesty, I'm happy with my little team of girls, I was never all that fussed about gender, as long as they were happy and healthy that is all that mattered to me.

CMPA Weaning Diaries [4]

I mentioned in my last weaning update that I was feeling a little frustrated with a combination of people when it came to weaning Isabelle, the GP, the Dietician and the health visitor. People who are supposed to be there for you, hold you up, give you advice and help you along the way. Something that I strongly feel they are not doing for us lately. If you read my last update you will know that Isabelle's prescription was reduced - pretty much cut in half, without warning or explanation. I wasn't even notified that it was going to happen. I ordered the prescription as normal and when I went to collect it, I noticed it wasn't right. I queried it the chemist, thinking maybe he made a mistake but nope, he was right.

Siblings [March 2018]

Oh, March, what a funny old month you have been. I'm so used to having lovely weather in March, with the start of spring and being able to watch all of the daffodils bloom - but our spring started off with snow. I can't quite believe it to be honest. I don't think I've ever started spring this way. Emily and Isabelle absolutely loved the snow, Emily is still convinced that it is Elsa who makes it snow, and Isabelle was just mesmerised by watching it fall, naturally, they went outside to build a snowman and play with their sleigh. 
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