Wonderful Easter Treats For 2018!

Easter is almost here, and it is one of our favourite holidays. Some families celebrate with a huge  Easter dinner, while others spend the morning in their place of worship. But, almost everyone who has children celebrates with candy, egg hunts and other fun activities.

I am going to share some of my favourite Easter traditions. I am also going to tell you about a few newer traditions. There is one thing all of these things have in common, and that is candy.

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Easter planting surprise
I love easter. From dying the eggs to going on Easter egg hunts - but we also like to do something a bit special.

Just before Easter, all the children gather around the table. They are each given a small flower pot. It can be a clay pot, or you can use styrofoam cups. They are given markers to decorate their pots. Once the flower pots are dry, they fill them with plastic Easter grass. Deep in the grass, they plant jelly beans. These are not just any jelly beans. They may be speckled beans or they may be mini jelly beans. They do not come from a plastic bag. These are beans that only mums and Grandma's have, and they are retrieved very carefully from a special crystal dish with a lid (any pretty container with a lid will do). They gently remove three jelly beans and push them down into the pot, and then make sure the beans are covered with the grass. Now, mum takes a tiny cup that is filled with magic dust - the dust can be sparkle sugar or coloured sugar from the cake aisle, each child takes a few pinches of the dust and sprinkles it on their potted plant. The story goes, when the Easter bunny arrives, the magic in his paws will bring the seeds to life. The next morning, each of their flower pots has changed. The grass inside is a different colour and the jelly beans are gone. In their place, they will find three flower lollipops that grew all by themselves.

Extra Fun
Before you stuff your eggs, use a sharpie to number each one. This will help you know if all the eggs are found. Buy a small puzzle and open it. Keep the box to help the children put it together. Inside each egg place a piece of candy and one or two puzzle pieces. Now have your traditional hunt, and after the hunt is over and all the eggs are accounted for, the children can spread out the puzzle pieces on the table. This will keep them busy for quite a time and give them a special memory.

After the baskets are found, and the egg hunts are over, you can still add some Easter surprises. Slip around and put extra gifts that are unexpected. When you send them to take their bath, maybe they will find special soaps tied in a bow. Maybe there will be a new storybook under their blanket when they get in bed, or a new toothbrush with pipe cleaner bunny ears. The point is, Easter doesn't have to be a two hour holiday, children are only small for a little while, make it a special time.

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