Trip Planning & Camper Van Daydreaming

Travelling is something that we have always loved to do as a family, something Sam and I used to talk about way before we had children. We always go on our UK holiday to the same place every year, on my birthday week and it is a tradition that we will always keep to, but we really love the idea of getting a camper one day, and just driving around exploring the UK and what it has to offer. Of course we would one day love to travel all over, and explore other countries, but for now, I'd really like to see all of what the UK has to offer us first.

While daydreaming and researching campers, I stumbled upon Sherwood Campers and completely fell in love, you can create your dream VW camper van, and design the inside and out. They specialise in VW T5 and T6 camper van conversions, and to be honest they look like the best van for conversion. I have been sifting through there facebook page and have fallen in love with some of the designs. They transform the trusty transporter into a unique, luxurious leisure vehicle for roaming, relaxing and exploring. They are truly beautiful.

I can imagine us exploring the highlands in Scotland in one of these, stopping off and pitching up at campsites as we go. I think that it would be a really good experience for our girls, and one that I would love to give for them. I know that both of my girls would absolutely love it as they are very outdoorsy children and love to explore.

Then I think about sam and I know that he would absolutely love to design his own camper, which is something that you can do with Sherwood campers. The friendly team combine expert craftsmanship with a sharp eye for detail, obsessing over every element of the design vision to ensure your custom conversion is both technically and aesthetically perfect. They advise on the best materials, parts and innovations for your personalised camper van conversion. From modern, sleek, high gloss finishes to durable, family and pet-friendly interiors. For approved SCA pop top roof fitting or to buy a ready to roll, quality custom conversion from the range of house interior styles. After reading lots of positive glowing reviews they really seem like the dream team and a company that I would trust to do our conversion.

It honestly fills me with so much excitement to have found a camper conversion company that I love the look of, as I know that when the time comes for us to actually make our dream a reality I will know where to look. I can't wait to buy a camper of our own when our girls are a little bigger and set off in the summer to explore. There are so many places that I want to take my girls, and there are so many places in the UK that are absolutely breathtaking, I'm sure there are plenty of hidden gems too, so if you know anywhere that we should add to our bucket list, for when we take the plunge and travel in a couple of years, please leave the locations in the comments.

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