Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre [Review]

Emily was very kindly gifted the Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre recently, and it has quickly become her new favourite thing. I guess that is a mix of the fact she is obsessed with anything to do with ballet lately - and also the fact she has such a big growing collection of Sylvanian toys, that she loves adding to her collection and gets so excited when she gets something new.

The attention to detail on the theatre is amazing, there is a place to buy tickets to watch the show, you can open and close the curtains. There is a big mirror backstage for Freya to make sure all of her dance moves are perfect. The main stage is one of Emily's favourite parts, it has a rotating floor. You can place your Sylvanian characters on the floor and watch it rotate making them dance and twirl and spin.

Emily adored the little ballerina bunny - Freya, that came with the ballet theatre. She came with a lovely little crown and a little white princess dress with beautiful beading on it. The ballerina wears a pair of pale pink en pointe ballet shoes, and posable limbs, this allows her to be put into the ballet stand so she can perform various dance moves. There is also space for two additional ballerina's which can be purchased separately.

Another one of Emily's favourite features was the fact that she could push a button on the side of the ballet theatre, which allowed it to play music. It has in-built speakers that play music from the Nutcracker and Swan Lake, she absolutely loves to make the ballerina's spin to the music. Even more so when Sam showed her that he could plug his phone into the ballet theatre, allowing him to play music through the AUX cable. Since then she has constantly asked for us to play trolls for her.

There are plenty of accessories to keep Emily entertained, the set comes with a ballet barre, stairs, coat hanger, stool, floor sheer and a backdrop sheet. Emily has been playing with the ballet theatre non stop since she gs to connect it to her other playsets especially her cottage, as she uses the cottage as the ballerina's house while they are in between shows.

I would really recommend this toy as I think it is brilliant for encouraging a child's imaginations. Sylvanian families are timeless, they were really popular when I was younger and that popularity has only grown with time. The possibilities for creative play are endless, I'm sure that they will continue to bring Emily happiness for many more years, and also Isabelle when she is older.

We were kindly sent the Ballet Theatre in exchange for our honest opinion, and review of the product.

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