Spring Wish List

I love the fact that we soon will have warmish weather - I say warmish because this is the UK and the weather is so unpredictable at the best of times. With that in mind, I have been looking and lusting over lots of new beautiful clothes for my girlies. Luckily they both need to move up a size, which means I will be buying a whole new wardrobe for them both. I actually find it pretty hard to not just dress them in the same things, because Isabelle hasn't yet got her own taste in clothing, so I tend to just buy her similar sort of things to what I would buy for Emily. I'm also a big big fan of floral, so there are lots of floral pieces in here.

I have been looking at mainly dresses for the girls, as they have lots of leggings already. Plus they both look adorable in dresses, and they are great for adapting to whatever the weather is going to be, you can use them in warm weather with bare legs, or colder weather with tights and a cardi. I have also been looking for new coats and jackets for the girls. I managed to bag them a new spotty coat each in the sales, which I absolutely adore, but I do need to get them a lighter jacket for the summery weather (I'm hoping that we are going to get). I have seen a really gorgeous pale pink denim jacket for Emily (on River Island encase you like the sound of it), which I think would be perfect to chuck over a cute little dress and her converse. Anyway, these are the few bits I have picked out so far for them.

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