Soft Play & Friends [Ordinary Days]

On Tuesday we normally go to a playgroup, this week we went to the soft play which was actually somewhere different for us. I have to admit I'm a little bit of a bad mum when it comes to taking Emily to soft play, I can count on one hand the number of times I have taken Emily to soft play, there is no particular reason why I don't take her other than the fact the one closes to us is just a little bit grubby, so I'd rather take her somewhere else, but there isn't anywhere else close.

The one we went to on Tuesday was one of the cleanest soft play places I have ever been, to be honest, it is a shame that I can't get there on the bus, or I would take Emily there more often. My lovely friend Carla kindly drove us, as she was going too but even that leaves me feeling like a rubbish person lately. I hate that I can't drive, that I can't take her to the places that I want to take her. That more often than not, we end up staying indoors and although we do lots of crafts, messy play and baking. I'm often left feeling deflated and like I'm not doing enough for her - and that is a really horrible feeling. Anxiety and depression suck sometimes, well all of the time.

Emily had the best time playing with her friends, she loved going on the big blue slide and running around with them. I think she actually enjoyed soft play more because she was surrounded by other little people that she knew. She was able to play independently if she wanted, but also play with her friends too. She loved it so much, that trying to get her to stop to have some lunch was impossible, she sat down, had one Quaver and was off again declaring she wasn't hungry - she obviously was because as soon as we got home she was whining about the fact she wanted lunch right now! Typical right?

This was actually the first time that Isabelle has been to soft play, and I was surprised by just how much she loved it. I took her into the baby area, which had lots of soft climbing things, a huge mirror and a ball pit. She has a ball pit at home so I knew that would be a big hit with her, and it really was. she loved throwing the balls out the side, or at her sister - just like she does at home. She had a great time pulling faces in the mirror in the baby area, I think she loved it even more because she had her little best friend with her - Olivia. Seeing the way the interaction has developed and changed as they have grown is the most adorable thing, and I hope that they are always friends since they have known each other since day one.

Emily wanted to take Isabelle into the toddler bit after Isabelle had finished her lunch, of course, I let her as I knew that Isabelle would love watching her sister, and interacting with her, just as much as Emily would love it. Emily wanted to take Isabelle on the soft see-saw. It was so cute watching them play together, Emily held onto Isabelle tightly while on the see-saw making sure that she didn't fall off. Watching them play together makes me so excited for the future, to watch them when Isabelle is big enough to run around with her sister. I know that they are going to fight like mad, but equally, I know they will be best of friends.

Although I was really apprehensive about going to the group when the topic of conversation came up, I'm glad that I pushed through the anxiety to go because I have made some really lovely friends, a few people that I know I will be friends with for life. Being a stay at home parent can be incredibly lonely, even more so when you have anxiety that stops you doing the simplest of things. If you're struggling to get outside your front door, keep trying because one day you'll get the courage to actually go and feel ten times better about it. 

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  1. We're glad that you decided to come to group too! Not being able to take the girls out everywhere doesn't make you a bad mum, staying in and keeping their brains active and exploring new types of play makes you an amazing mama. You're doing great x


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