Siblings [February 2018]

Oh February, I'm sad to be seeing you go. I've had such a lovely month with the girls, I didn't think it would be possible for their love for each other to grow anymore but it just seems to be growing more and more. Isabelle is trying her hardest to crawl, and it is more of a bum shuffle than crawl, but she has almost perfected it, which means she is on the floor with Emily lots more, and wanting to play with all the things she shouldn't be touching. I've had to start moving Emily's smaller toys up high, and I have also been trying to make Emily more aware that she needs to be more careful with her toys.

Isabelle has turned into a little copy cat, she tries to do everything Emily does, and she is such a determined little girl, she will not give up until she has accomplished what she set out to do. She is now waving at everyone and everything she can, which is the most adorable thing. She can also say Mama, Dadda, and no, but of course her favourite word is 'Emily'. It comes out more like Em-lee but it is cute none the less.

This month has been a fairly busy one, we celebrated a fair few family birthdays, but also pancake day. Isabelle got to try pancakes for the first time, Emily decided that she still doesn't like pancakes, I do get her to try them every year, but every year its the same response, she just isn't sold on them, like at all. Isabelle on the other hand absolutely loved them, I made up a dairy-free batch for her, and she demolished them, along with some chopped banana. I have actually made them for her a few more times since. 

Emily and I have been in the kitchen lots this month baking some yummy treats, we also tried a few dairy free recipes which I'm happy to say turned out amazingly. Isabelle absolutely loved the cakes we made for her, and rightly so, they were delicious. I have been sharing our dairy free recipes on my blog, so do keep an eye out for those.

We have ended this month with snow, much to Emily's delight, when it first started she ran into us and shouted 'mama it's snowing, really really snowing, it must have been Elsa'. Isn't their imagination just the most adorable thing? Emily had lots of fun making a little snowman, and Isabelle enjoyed exploring the snow for the first two minutes, she got bored and cold quickly, so I kept her inside for the most of the time. Emily did request that the two of them got a picture together with her snowman, and who am I to argue? I'm actually really glad I took the picture because its fast become one of my favourite pictures of the two girls together.

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