Plans To Update Our Bathroom

For a while, I've been thinking, speaking and attempting to move house. For one reason or another, it's fallen through or just not gone the way we wanted it to. For the longest time, I've been sick of our decor in our home, our bathroom especially - we are quite lucky as we have lots of space, but it's poorly used, and we just don't have very much room in there for what we need. So rather than putting all my energy into moving, which isn't likely to happen until the girls are quite a bit older - we have decided to give our home a little redo. I know I will feel so much better about it by making a few changes.

We are quite lucky as we have so much natural light, our home is flooded with it. We have really large windows, and I wouldn't change it. It does mean you see every single mark on our walls, and I'm sure as you can imagine there are quite a few marks now as we have two small children. The first thing I want to do it repaint our bathroom, its currently blue, but I want to go a lighter blue just to brighten it up. I also want to replace our floor with something nicer as the current flooring we have in there is cracking and just generally really worn.

We recently did some repairs to a few minor cosmetic replacements in our lounge, and it has honestly made all the difference, such as replacing our shower curtain rail, and curtain. Removing some old broken tiles and replacing them with some new ones. The one thing I am really struggling with is the lack of storage in there. We don't have an airing cupboard to put towels in, so have been using storage units, but it's just not practical and I feel like we have been wasting more space than we have been gaining. I have been looking at getting a new sink with in built unit, just because it will be such a space saver, and our current sink is so big and bulky. I like that it would give us storage, but it would still be hidden away.

It does feel like a little bit of a minefield looking at new sinks, as there are so many different ones to choose from, and we haven't yet decided what kind of style we plan to go with for our bathroom. I've been pinning lots of inspirational pictures on Pinterest, and hopefully, we will find something that will suit us soon.

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