Isabelle's 8 Month Update

Oh how things have changed in our household this past month. Isabelle is now on the floor lots more than she was before, and she just seems to be into absolutely everything. This means that Emily can no longer leave all of her little toys laying around, and I cannot leave them alone in the room on there own together for fear of Isabelle somehow getting hold of one of Emily's smaller toys.

Isabelle has come on leaps and bounds this month, she has always been a fairly quiet baby, she never really shouted, cried or chatted, but these past three weeks she has really found her voice, she is constantly shouting and babbling away. She can say, Dada, Em (for Emily), and Mama. She is constantly shouting out for Emily, especially if she can't quite reach something that she wants.

We have two little teeth now, they are both at the bottom, and it looks so odd to see Isabelle with teeth. She is constantly biting and chewing on everything, she has become a big fan of her Bo teether and her matchstick monkey. They tend to come everywhere with us.

Isabelle is getting on lots better with weaning, she absolutely loves skips which are a new discovery for her. She is still pretty fussy, but other than dairy and strawberries we haven't had any more allergic reactions, so I'm hoping that it stays that way.

The girl's bath together and that is Isabelle's favourite time of the day. She loves to splash although she does cover our bathroom with water. Emily finds it hilarious, which of course makes Isabelle laugh then the both of them spend ages giggling.

Isabelle's favourite show is In the night garden, just like her big sister. She has found a real love for Emily's old upsy daisy toys and loves to drag them around with her. She constantly laughs and giggles at the program.

The other thing Isabelle loves to do lately is to wave at everyone, she is constantly waving and smiling every time someone says hiya, or bye. It's the most adorable thing. Emily is desperate for Isabelle to learn to clap, she can most of the time, but it definitely has to be on her terms. Most of the time she just looks at Emily and laughs.

We have been debating lots about moving Isabelle into Emily's room, but that is just not going to work right now. Emily doesn't sleep, she is up till silly hours at night, which isn't helpful for anyone, and I know that she would constantly wake Isabelle up. She already manages to wake Isabelle up at the moment and they don't sleep in the same room. It is something that we are hoping to tackle in the next few months though.

Hey Duggee
Fisher Price light up xylophone

Being on her own

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