Falling In Love With Photography Again

Lately, I have been reaching for my camera more, rather than capturing a glimpse on my phone. I don't know if it's an anxiety thing because I always tend to lean more heavily on my creative outlets when I feel anxious - be that blogging, drawing, or photography, but the change is something I've actually really been enjoying. I am capturing more moments of my girls, and that is something that I have always wanted to achieve.

When Isabelle was first born, I used my camera daily for the first couple of weeks, I wanted to capture everything and anything, all those moments we would never experience again because she is the final piece to our jigsaw, our last baby. Somewhere along the line, I put my camera down, and picked it up less often, which is something that shocks me when I look back on it. I never ever go a day without taking a picture of something, let alone weeks. On Sunday, I was brought back down to earth with a bit of a crash. My baby suddenly isn't so baby-ish anymore. Shes jabbering constantly, sitting up, laughing, clapping, crawling. You name it and that little fiercely determined girl is doing it.

Let's not even talk about the older one, she suddenly has hair down to her backside and looks as if she's about 6. How on earth did that happen? She suddenly wants to be in front of the camera more, stays still for longer periods of time, and is full of expression and silly faces. She is grown. She is her own person. She has an amazing personality and makes me laugh on a daily basis, but somewhere down the line, I didn't capture as much of it as I wanted. I'm a little bit of a sentimental fool you see, I love to be able to look back on our memories, our moments, my captures and see the happiness in my girl's eyes. The bond that they have, I want to be able to take myself back to that moment in time when I look back at our memories.

On Sunday night the girls were sitting nicely playing, the television was off, we had just had a really nice roast and spent the whole day playing board games and enjoying each others company. I had just changed the girls into their brand new, freshly washed pyjamas, and they were being so kind and lovely to each other. Playing nicely, giggling and laughing, and I reached for my camera, and I'm so glad that I did because the pictures I got were just beautiful... well I'll let you judge for yourself.

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