Easter Nests Two Ways

Every year Emily and I make Easter nests, we have used rice Krispies, cornflakes and even shredded wheat. It's kind of become our little tradition, something that I plan to do with her always and with Isabelle to one day. I know that Isabelle will love it just as much as Emily does. We decided to melt down some of the Easter eggs the girls received and turn them into Chocolate nests - as they both got a fair few chocolate eggs. 

Making chocolate Easter nests is really simple and takes about 5 minutes - 15 if you are making it with children because of the sheer amount of mess they leave behind. Simply melt the chocolate, add the rice Krispies (or whichever cereal you are choosing to use) pop them into cupcake cases, into the fridge topped with mini eggs. I told you it was simple, also really yummy!

The second way we made Easter nests was using marshmallows. I simply popped the marshmallows into a bowl, added a spoon full of butter and microwaved them until melted - be careful though as the marshmallows expand when you heat them. Once they were melted I added in the rice Krispies. popped them into cupcake cases and added mini eggs. The Marshmallow nests are very very sticky though. 

Both the girls loved the nests, I made some with some dairy-free chocolate for Isabelle to try, these didn't have mini eggs of course, as I can't seem to find any dairy-free ones of those - maybe one day hey. I'd love to hear if you decided to make these - are you like us and make them every year?

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