Easter Bonnet Making [Ordinary Days]

On Tuesday we went to group like normal, and after, rather than walking home we popped into town. Emily has an Easter party on Saturday with an Easter bonnet competition. We absolutely love doing crafts, so naturally, we wanted to make our own Easter bonnet at home to take with us on Saturday. When I mentioned it to Emily she was so excited about making her own one, even more, excited about going to town to find the craft bits for her hat with her little friend Carrie.

I headed to my go-to place for craft things, the pound shops. I always manage to find good craft things there, from card cut-outs to pompoms, coloured pencils and stickers. They literally have everything you could need, for really cheap too which is a win-win. First, we stopped off at subway to have some lunch. Emily didn't have subway though, she wanted Greggs - her favourite place to eat lunch. She is obsessed with their monster ham sandwiches. She also had some quavers and a bunny biscuit. 

After lunch was done we had a browse around a few shops and then headed to find the perfect bits for Emily's Easter bonnet. We ended up buying foam stickers, daisies, bunnies, chicks, and some carrots. Kirsty and I also decided that it would be a good idea to buy some moss - looking back it wasn't actually all that much of a good idea as I'm still finding moss everywhere, but it looks great so that is all that counts. We managed to pick up the hats in the pound shop too, Emily picked a white one, and Carrie a pink one. On the way back to get the bus home, I actually found a pale blue one for Isabelle in the works. I wasn't planning on getting her one, but when I saw the pale blue one I just knew that she would look adorable, and I decided to buy her it and make her one too. 

When we got back home, I got out the glue gun and we began sticking. At first, Emily just wanted to cover her hat in foam stickers, but once she saw Isabelle's hat full of rabbits, eggs, carrots, and moss - she decided that she, in fact, wanted to add daisies, rabbits and ribbons to her own hat. So we ended up taking the foam stickers off the outside of her hat, to replace them with the bunnies and daisies. I did want Emily to add some colour to her hat, but she was adamant that she just wanted yellow and green, once she has made her mind up, you know there is no chance of changing it. She is a stubborn little thing.

Kirsty and I had lots of fun sticking everything down with the hot glue gun, and I have to admit we did burn ourselves a few times during the process - but that's the fun of it right? It would have been a little irresponsible of us to let Emily attempt to use the glue gun, as I know she wouldn't shrug off a glue burn like we did. She did instruct me how she wanted it though and was happy to shout at me when I didn't put the particular thing she wanted in the right place. I told you.. stubborn.

Once the girl's hats were complete, I knew that I had to go and take some pictures of them modelling them - for the sake of memories, of course, we have never actually made Easter bonnets before, and I'm actually pretty proud of how they turned out, they look amazing. All three of the girls looked amazing, and you could see the pride in there faces when they tried them on. I can't wait to take them to the party on Saturday, keeping my fingers crossed that one of them will win! I mean just look at how adorable the three of them look together. 

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