Easter Nests Two Ways

Every year Emily and I make Easter nests, we have used rice Krispies, cornflakes and even shredded wheat. It's kind of become our little tradition, something that I plan to do with her always and with Isabelle to one day. I know that Isabelle will love it just as much as Emily does. We decided to melt down some of the Easter eggs the girls received and turn them into Chocolate nests - as they both got a fair few chocolate eggs. 

Easter Basker [2018]

Every year I put together an Easter basket for Emily - this will be Isabelle's first year. You can see the previous years here 2015, 2016, 2017. This year was a little harder, as I had to find things that were suitable for both Emily and Isabelle, I also had to find treats for both of them - as Isabelle is dairy free. It actually isn't as hard as most people think to find dairy free chocolate. I thought that I would share with you what I have put in the girl's basket this year, in case you are looking for some inspiration.

Plans To Update Our Bathroom

For a while, I've been thinking, speaking and attempting to move house. For one reason or another, it's fallen through or just not gone the way we wanted it to. For the longest time, I've been sick of our decor in our home, our bathroom especially - we are quite lucky as we have lots of space, but it's poorly used, and we just don't have very much room in there for what we need. So rather than putting all my energy into moving, which isn't likely to happen until the girls are quite a bit older - we have decided to give our home a little redo. I know I will feel so much better about it by making a few changes.

Easter Bonnet Making [Ordinary Days]

On Tuesday we went to group like normal, and after, rather than walking home we popped into town. Emily has an Easter party on Saturday with an Easter bonnet competition. We absolutely love doing crafts, so naturally, we wanted to make our own Easter bonnet at home to take with us on Saturday. When I mentioned it to Emily she was so excited about making her own one, even more, excited about going to town to find the craft bits for her hat with her little friend Carrie.

Falling In Love With Photography Again

Lately, I have been reaching for my camera more, rather than capturing a glimpse on my phone. I don't know if it's an anxiety thing because I always tend to lean more heavily on my creative outlets when I feel anxious - be that blogging, drawing, or photography, but the change is something I've actually really been enjoying. I am capturing more moments of my girls, and that is something that I have always wanted to achieve.

Wonderful Easter Treats For 2018!

Easter is almost here, and it is one of our favourite holidays. Some families celebrate with a huge  Easter dinner, while others spend the morning in their place of worship. But, almost everyone who has children celebrates with candy, egg hunts and other fun activities.

Trip Planning & Camper Van Daydreaming

Travelling is something that we have always loved to do as a family, something Sam and I used to talk about way before we had children. We always go on our UK holiday to the same place every year, on my birthday week and it is a tradition that we will always keep to, but we really love the idea of getting a camper one day, and just driving around exploring the UK and what it has to offer. Of course we would one day love to travel all over, and explore other countries, but for now, I'd really like to see all of what the UK has to offer us first.

Malteaser Cheesecake

Emily and I have been in the kitchen baking again, this time we baked a delicious Malteaser cheesecake, and it went down a huge hit with everyone who tried it - Emily especially. She isn't usually a fan of cheesecakes, so I was a little surprised when she asked for a slice, but she ate the whole thing, and declared it was 'the best chocolate cake ever'. I mean if that doesn't make you want to make it, what will?

CMPA Weaning Diaries [3]

This week has been a little bit of a mixed bag of emotions, as I'm sure you know if you read my blog, Isabelle has CMPA (cows milk protein allergy). We recently saw a dietician, who said that she could either change her formula - the one she is currently on is recommended for 0-6 months but can be used for longer if they wish. The other option is for her to stay on the one she is on, of course, I don't want to disrupt her, if you have a baby with CMPA you will know that the formula smells disgusting, and it actually took a long while for her to adjust to the one she is on now.

Soft Play & Friends [Ordinary Days]

On Tuesday we normally go to a playgroup, this week we went to the soft play which was actually somewhere different for us. I have to admit I'm a little bit of a bad mum when it comes to taking Emily to soft play, I can count on one hand the number of times I have taken Emily to soft play, there is no particular reason why I don't take her other than the fact the one closes to us is just a little bit grubby, so I'd rather take her somewhere else, but there isn't anywhere else close.

Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre [Review]

Emily was very kindly gifted the Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre recently, and it has quickly become her new favourite thing. I guess that is a mix of the fact she is obsessed with anything to do with ballet lately - and also the fact she has such a big growing collection of Sylvanian toys, that she loves adding to her collection and gets so excited when she gets something new.

Mothers Day [Ordinary Days]

Mothers day is a bit of a mixed bag of emotions for me. While I'm so thankful for my two lovely little perfect rainbows, I'm also left with a pang of guilt for our babies that are not here with us. Also, the disappointment that my relationship with my mother isn't the way it should be - but that's a whole other topic of conversation.

Planning A Family Trip & Making Sure Our Car Is Safe.

We have a planned holiday in the next couple of months, just a UK holiday - but I'm so excited to go and explore somewhere new, to get away just for a week and spend some time together as a family of four, without all the stresses of home family life. I'm also a little bit excited and nervous about the road trip. It's going to take us a good few hours to get to our destination, and Emily has recently found a love for Eye-Spy. Although she doesn't play it the normal way, instead of using a letter, she uses a colour. I'm sure that we are going to be sick of guessing every colour car on the way within the first fifteen minutes - but that's what you do on a road trip, isn't it.

Custard Creams Cupcakes

Emily and I have been in the kitchen baking again (I honestly can't wait till Isabelle is old enough to bake with us too). This time we rustled up some cupcakes based on her favourite biscuits. Custard Creams. I have to admit, I wasn't sure if this was going to work, and did doubt myself a little. I also ended up making them about three times just to get the quantities of ingredients right, but I'm happy to say we finally got it balanced and they tasted amazing. 

March Goals

Back at the beginning of the year, I set myself some goals to see out this year, a couple of them I have stuck to, a couple I haven't actually done at all, and a few I have tried and failed. This year seems to be absolutely flying by - I mean how is it March already? With that in mind, I thought it was about time that I refocused my goals, and tried to make more of an effort to actually stick to the ones I set as goals in the first place. A few in particular. With that in mind, I thought that I would share my goals with you, because writing them down and documenting them, is something that will prompt me to actually stick with them.

Isabelle's 8 Month Update

Oh how things have changed in our household this past month. Isabelle is now on the floor lots more than she was before, and she just seems to be into absolutely everything. This means that Emily can no longer leave all of her little toys laying around, and I cannot leave them alone in the room on there own together for fear of Isabelle somehow getting hold of one of Emily's smaller toys.

Spring Wish List

I love the fact that we soon will have warmish weather - I say warmish because this is the UK and the weather is so unpredictable at the best of times. With that in mind, I have been looking and lusting over lots of new beautiful clothes for my girlies. Luckily they both need to move up a size, which means I will be buying a whole new wardrobe for them both. I actually find it pretty hard to not just dress them in the same things, because Isabelle hasn't yet got her own taste in clothing, so I tend to just buy her similar sort of things to what I would buy for Emily. I'm also a big big fan of floral, so there are lots of floral pieces in here.

World Book Day 2018

March 1st was world book day, Emily hasn't ever celebrated world book day before, I guess that's because she isn't yet at school and doesn't go to nursery. We are big book fans in our house though, I have always loved reading and it was something that I really wanted to instal in Emily, I wanted her to enjoy reading, and I have always read her stories, with the hope that she will fall in love with books, and it will be something that stays with her. So far I have found that is working, she absolutely adores her books. I often find her sitting in a corner with a book, or laying on her bed reading to her bunny.

Snow Days [Ordinary Days]

The past couple of days we have been making the most of the snow, I know personally I have never seen it snow this much before, maybe when I was younger but I can't say that I remember. As soon as it started to snow, Emily was full of excitement, ran to the window, bouncing up and down shouting 'mama it's snowing, really snowing, I wanna make a snowman, pleeeeeeease'. 

Easter Rocky Road

With Easter fast approaching Emily and I have been baking some yummy Easter-themed treats. I have to be completely honest here and say I haven't actually tried rocky road before - I know I must have been living under a rock somewhere. It appealed to me because it was a case of just throwing everything in, its stress-free, fairly mess-free, and really quick to make. Emily and I rustled this up in about 15 minutes alongside me making a roast dinner.

Siblings [February 2018]

Oh February, I'm sad to be seeing you go. I've had such a lovely month with the girls, I didn't think it would be possible for their love for each other to grow anymore but it just seems to be growing more and more. Isabelle is trying her hardest to crawl, and it is more of a bum shuffle than crawl, but she has almost perfected it, which means she is on the floor with Emily lots more, and wanting to play with all the things she shouldn't be touching. I've had to start moving Emily's smaller toys up high, and I have also been trying to make Emily more aware that she needs to be more careful with her toys.
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