Siblings [January 2018]

Emily and Isabelle's relationship seems to have absolutely blossomed this month. Isabelle is interested in everything that Emily is doing, and Emily is besotted with Isabelle - so much so she doesn't let her sleep, which can be very infuriating and I do feel like I am constantly saying 'Emily stop waking your sister up'.

We have stayed in lots more than usual this month, just because the weather has been absolutely miserable and it's rained more than it has been dry - much to my annoyance. I hate it when the weather is rubbish, and I feel like it really takes a toll on my mood. The girls have managed to cheer me up lots though, which has helped.

Isabelle is now sitting up by herself and loves nothing more than sitting on the floor playing with Emily, I'm sure it won't be long before she is crawling around and on the move. She currently lays on her stomach and tries her best to wriggle forward - more like an army crawl, but she hasn't yet mastered it. 

We have also set up Emily's old cotbed in Emily's room, ready for Isabelle to move into there with her. I don't think that Isabelle is quite ready yet, as neither of them goes to sleep at night yet, and I worry that they will constantly wake each other up. Isabelle is also teething at the moment, making the transition even worse to think about as she spends most of the night waking up and chewing on her muslins.  I have started putting Isabelle in there to nap during the day, and she is obsessed with Emily's nightlight.

Emily started ballet this month, and she absolutely loves it. I'm not at all surprised though, as she loves dancing. We have purchased her uniform and signed her up for the rest of the term, and she is in her absolute element. She asks every day - is it ballet day. I have never known her to be so excited about something before. Isabelle loves Emily's tutu and is constantly trying to pull it. When Emily gets back from ballet she likes to put on a little show for Isabelle, showing her 'good toes' and 'naughty toes'. It's the most adorable thing.

We have booked in two lovely family holidays that we are really excited about. I feel like we don't get much time together as a family of four, as Sam is constantly working overtime at the moment, and I can't wait to just stop. Log out of social media and just spend some time together as a family. One thing I have really noticed since having Isabelle is that Emily is growing up so fast now. She seems to have shot up and become so mature. I really miss my little girl being little and feel like it has kind of happened overnight.

In January we celebrated Sam's birthday. We went out for a lovely meal at pizza express and it was really nice. We don't often go out unless it's with other family members for a celebration of some sort. So it was really nice to spend time just the four of us - I feel like I have said that a lot of this post. Anyway, Sam and I got to eat the most amazing pizza, Emily was thrilled that she got her own serving of dough balls, and Isabelle loved sitting at the table in a highchair with us all. Although she does do this at home, she was actually sitting opposite Sam which she doesn't do at home, and she loved it. I love the picture below of my three. The way that Emily and Isabelle constantly look at each other, with such love melts my heart.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what Febuary has in store for us.

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