Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge

Rustlers set us a really fun Burger Hacking challenge, and I was pretty happy to take part. Emily loves chicken burgers, and often we buy the double pack southern fried chicken burgers as part of our weekly shop, as Emily really enjoys them, and thinks they are the ultimate treat. They are also perfect for busy weekends, as we can pop one in the microwave and within no time she has eaten her lunch and we can head back out the door again. They are quick, convenient and really affordable.

The southern fried chicken burgers feature, quality chicken marinated with southern fried breadcrumbs, Emily loves to add cheese and ketchup to hers, and often refers to it as a massive chicken nugget in a sandwich. The best thing about these burgers, aside from the fact they are ready to eat in about 3 minutes, is you can dress them up however suits your family. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you, Emily's favourite way of eating one of these yummy southern fried chicken burgers.

If you are a parent, I'm sure your well aware of the excitement that comes from your child when you mention a happy meal? Emily loves the fact she can get a treat meal and a little toy. So I thought why not recreate my own. I managed to pick up these take away style baskets, some burger wrappers and chip cones (which I have since used again - and she asks for all the time). I put together some chips, a drink, a little blind bag style toy, and one of the Rustlers Southern fried chicken burgers.

When Emily saw this, she lost her mind, she squealed in excitement and couldn't wait to tuck in. I'm so glad that it was such a hit with her as I thought that it would be. She ate the whole burger, and a few of the chips, informed me that it was delicious and that I was the best mama ever - I'd call that a huge win!

If you want to recreate this little treat meal, be sure to head down to Tesco and grab yourself a twin pack of the Rustlers Southern Fried chicken burgers, I'm sure they will be just as much of a hit in your house as they are in ours.

This post is an entry for Britmums 'Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge' sponsored by Rustlers


  1. Great to hear how you got on and wonderful pictures. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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