Planning A Trip To Disney

We have been saving up for an abroad holiday for quite some time with no idea where we would actually like to go - well that's not entirely true, there are plenty of places we would like to go, but not all of those are suitable for a family of four. I did originally want to wait until the girls were older before we booked a holiday for them, but recently I have started to think about booking a holiday before Emily starts school.

She turns four this year and misses the cut off for intake this year by a matter of days, which means we get an extra year with her. Which is nice in some ways but in others, it's a little bit of a downside as I know that she is more than ready for school now. It also does mean we can book a holiday next year without having to worry about term time, which means it will be cheaper. 

If you are a regular reader, you will know that I'm a bit of a bargain hunter, I don't like to pay full price for anything if I can avoid it, and I'm often finding voucher codes or deals for everyday things that we use. That then brought me to the conclusion that I needed to find a voucher code for our holiday away. Any money that we can save on the actual holiday means we will have that tiny little bit extra for spending money. During my searching, I stumbled upon Voucher Britain who has some fab voucher codes for Expedia.

After searching through the website I managed to put together a holiday stay at Disney land Paris, for a week, which came in just under a grand, with a massive saving of nearly £300. If you ask me that sounds like a pretty good deal, although I am going to see how much it would price up at through then directly. I have been to Disney before, and we stayed in one of the Disney hotels, it was the most amazing experience, and I know that Emily would absolutely love it too. The other plus I can see by booking directly through Disney, is your park tickets are included, which is another thing I need to really look into.

I'd love to know if you have any tips or tricks when it comes to booking a holiday abroad, where did you find the best deals and is there anything I need to make sure I book - as I've not ever booked for us to go abroad before, and it feels a little bit daunting. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm an adult with two kids - anyone else ever feels like that? But, all being well - we will be going to Disney! eek.

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