Isabelle's Favourite Toys

Isabelle seems to be growing up so fast, I'm not sure if it is just me, but when you have children, the months and years seem to just fly by, twice as fast as they used to. I remember lots of people warning me about this when I was pregnant, and I really didn't believe them - but here we are, and they were clearly right. Isabelle confidently sits up by herself now and has done now for quite a few weeks, so naturally, she is a lot more interested in toys than she was before and loves nothing more than having lots of various things scattered about so she is able to play with her big sister.

Some of these toys are old hand me downs of Emily's, and some are new that we actually bought for her for Christmas. Isabelle 6 months when we brought her these gifts, and I have to admit I did struggle a little as I wasn't sure what I was going to get for her - with that in mind I thought I would share these with you, in case you are pondering over what toys to buy your little one.

Nuby little squeaks. This little elephant is Isabelle's favourite toy, so much so she actually lost it and I had to buy her a replacement one exactly the same as she kept searching through her basket of toys for it. It is the perfect size for small hands to hold, it also squeaks when you push the elephant's tummy, catching little ones attention. The vibrant colours and little beads are also eye-catching. Isabelle loves to chew on the little beads, and its a perfect little teething toy.

Plan Toys Activity Blocks. These are actually a hit with both the girls, for different reasons. Emily loves to play with the looking glass type bricks, and Isabelle loves the ones that make noise and she can shake. They also play with them lovely together, as Emily likes to build towers, which of course Isabelle loves to knock down. They come in a pack of 9, and are a little pricey, but I'd honestly say they are so worth it.

Matchstick Monkey. We were actually gifted this teether quite a while ago, and Isabelle loves it. It has been out go to teething toy. It is easy for her to hold, and flexible yet soft, you can also apply teething gels or granules to the bumps on the back of the monkeys head. This has helped massage into the source of her teething pain.

Halilit mini orchestra musical instruments. This set of four musical instruments have been popular with both Emily and Isabelle. We brought them for Isabelle for Christmas and she has been playing with them ever since she opened them. They are easy to hold, and she loves nothing more to shake them. Emily also enjoys joining in with her sister, and it does get quite noisy.

Sassy fascination roll around. I found this in TKmaxx when I was just browsing - as you do, and I actually got it for a fraction of the retail price. That being said I would pay the retail price in a heartbeat as I absolutely love the product. The spinning Ferris wheel is great for floor play and provides a high level for visual tracking. There are many different things on the Ferris wheel to keep them entertained, Isabelle loves the colourful beads that are trapped within the clear wheel. It's been a great tool to encourage Isabelle to crawl. 

Bright Stars spin and shake activity balls. Emily used to have a little basket full of different balls and it was one of her favourite things to play with. So, naturally, I recreated this for Isabelle. Each one of these bright star balls does something different, they shake, click and make lots of noise. They have been really popular and Isabelle loves to shake them, and also throw them in her sister's direction, for her to roll back.

Infantino textured balls. These are a great addition to Isabelle's collection of balls, each of the balls is a different texture, and some are harder than others. Isabelle loves to explore these and again - she throws them towards Emily often.

The basket that holds all the balls is a personalised one from my 1st years. I'd love to hear what your little one's favourite toys are, and if there is anything we can add to our collection.

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