Isabelle's 7 Month Update

How is my little bug 7 Months, honestly before I know it she will be one. I think as the months pass by I feel a little bit more emotional with Isabelle than I ever did with Emily, just because I know that she is my last. With Emily, there was always that chance that we might decide to have another, this time that's gone. She is definitely our last. Anyway, back to her actual update this month her personality has really blossomed, she is constantly chatting, and babbling to us.

Isabelle's favourite word is dada, it was her first word and since she started saying it - it's all we have heard. She can also say hiya, but dada is the favourite. She has always been a really quiet baby, so it's really nice that she is finally becoming more vocal.

We have a tooth! Right at the bottom, it's her first little one and I only noticed because she bit my finger and I could feel it. She has been teething for weeks and weeks, so I knew that one was coming, but I just didn't realise that it had finally broken through her gums.

Isabelle now lifts her hands into the air when she wants us to pick her up. Although she is really obsessed with her muslin swaddles and will not be seen without one, she constantly is cuddling and holding one, so when she raises her arms, you see these little eyes poking over the top of a bundle of material. It's the cutest thing I have ever seen.

She will also cuddle you back when you cuddle her, and if you are sitting next to her on the sofa (for example) she will just throw herself at you for a cuddle.

Isabelle is a little bit in love with her own reflection. She recently discovered a mirror in one of her books and loves nothing more than finding it and starting to herself. She constantly pulls different faces, and I often find her just staring at it intently.

She is getting better with eating, finally. She has her favourite, which is banana, but she has started to finally eat more vegetables which I am really glad about, we recently saw the dietician who said they have no concerns about her weight and she is coming along nicely, they also mentioned trying the milk ladder with her in a few months which makes me really nervous. As much as I want her to be able to eat anything and everything she wants - I'm also really worried about her having a reaction to it and being just as miserable as she was in those first few weeks. They were absolutely horrendous, and I will never forget the screams in the middle of the night because her belly was hurting.

Isabug is obsessed with labels, no matter what you give her she will find the label on it. She loves the labels on her mussy's and is a big fan of the label on her bunny. The only problem is she has started to rub the label and I can honestly see myself having to sew them back on just to keep her happy - as it is like her comfort thing.

Emily and Isabelle's relationship has continued to blossom, the older Isabelle gets the more Emily loves to play with her. I'm pretty sure that is going to change when Isabelle is grabbing all of her toys, and ruining her little play setups. I love that they are best friends but I'm not nieve enough to think that it will stay that way forever. They are sisters, I know there is going to be some bumps in the road as they grow and get older.

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  1. Oh Isabelle is so adorable! And great to hear that Emily is getting along with her. I loved it when my tow enjoyed the jumperoo :)

  2. Aw she is so cute, and growing up too quickly. Don't you just wish you could bottle up time and keep them little for longer. xx

  3. My little one loves banana too, literally has to have one every day! lol


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