Clingfilm Painting With Isabelle

Coming up with various different ways to craft with a baby can be tricky, We all know that babies love nothing more than sticking everything in their mouth and that is not always ideal - especially when your painting. When Emily was a baby, we did lots of clingfilm painting, and she loved it. It's such a simple activity, and even better its great for parents who don't really like a mess - because there isn't any mess, like at all. Brilliant right?

The activity itself is really easy to put together. Simple squirt some dollops of various coloured paint onto a bit of card, I have found that the brighter the colours the better, as it keeps there attention for longer. After you have done that, loosely wrap the card in clingfilm, making sure there is some space for movement.

I then popped the card in front of Isabelle and encouraged her to touch and feel the clingfilm. At first, she wasn't at all interested, but as soon as she started to squish the paint, and felt the clingfilm move it really grabbed her attention. She made some really weird faces at first, but she soon got used to it and those weird facial expressions turned into laughs and giggles - just like her sister. She loved pushing her hand down onto the paint, which did mix the colours together and create various patterns. She also liked to pinch the clingfilm together, while she was doing this, she could feel the paint between her fingers and she did it over and over again.

This simple but enjoyable activity kept Isabelle's attention for a good 30 minutes. By keeping the activity simple, it gave Isabelle the opportunity to take the lead and explore at her own pace. I absolutely love the end product, the painting is gorgeous and definitely one that I will be keeping for many years to come. Try to remember the end result may not be perfect but this is their own work, and it's perfect to them. Being creative allows babies and toddlers to explore and use their own imaginations which is hugely beneficial to them.

I'd love to hear how you got on if you decided to recreate this activity with your little one.


  1. What a fabulous idea!! I am going to try this with Fraser!! X

    This comment is left as my old blog name. I couldn't do it any other way.

  2. I really like this idea - I am all over the fact that it is pretty much mess free!


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