A Quiet Family Weekend [Ordinary Days]

The past couple of weeks haven't been the greatest if I'm honest, Sam has been working more than usual, and my depression is seriously taking a whack from this weather, I wish it would make up its mind what it wants to do as it's depressing not being able to go out. Sunday the weather was pretty nice, don't let those blue skies fool you - it was freezing but at least it was dry and we were able to head on out. We asked Emily what she would like to do and she requested going out to feed the ducks, so that is exactly what we did. 

We haven't actually taken Isabelle out to feed the ducks before, and she was fascinated by them, watching them steal the bread and run away, she actually found it really funny and we had lots of giggles. We also found out that Emily hasn't forgotten how mean the geese were to her last year, and she is still scared of them. Which isn't a surprise to me, as I can't stand them myself they can be quite aggressive and come up to you and try to steal all the bread you have with you. 

After we fed the ducks, we then went for a walk around the local country park lake, I think Sam and I spent most of the time trying to get Emily not to jump in the puddles, usually we wouldn't mind, and we would be happy for her to go puddle jumping, but these puddles were absolutely full of mud. She did manage to jump in a few though - cheeky madam. The other thing she really enjoyed while we were walking around was watching the wind boats sail across the lake. It was quite windy so it seemed like the perfect weather for them. 

Once we got back home, Emily and I walked to the shop to pick up some potatoes, as she requested a roast dinner and there was no way I could make a roast without mash potato, she would just flat out be offended. So Once we picked those up and some bits to make something yummy for dessert we headed back home. Emily then ended up spending most of her afternoon on our balcony chalking. Something that she absolutely loves to do, and once she runs out of space, she then asks for a paintbrush to wash it all away. This weekend has been a really basic, normal, family weekend but do you know what, its just what I needed and has really lifted my spirits. Here is hoping that next weekends weather is just as nice, hopefully, a little warmer too. It is nearly spring after all.

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