A Quiet Family Weekend [Ordinary Days]

The past couple of weeks haven't been the greatest if I'm honest, Sam has been working more than usual, and my depression is seriously taking a whack from this weather, I wish it would make up its mind what it wants to do as it's depressing not being able to go out. Sunday the weather was pretty nice, don't let those blue skies fool you - it was freezing but at least it was dry and we were able to head on out. We asked Emily what she would like to do and she requested going out to feed the ducks, so that is exactly what we did. 

Isabelle's Favourite Toys

Isabelle seems to be growing up so fast, I'm not sure if it is just me, but when you have children, the months and years seem to just fly by, twice as fast as they used to. I remember lots of people warning me about this when I was pregnant, and I really didn't believe them - but here we are, and they were clearly right. Isabelle confidently sits up by herself now and has done now for quite a few weeks, so naturally, she is a lot more interested in toys than she was before and loves nothing more than having lots of various things scattered about so she is able to play with her big sister.

Banana & Chocolate Chip Muffins [Dairy-Free]

As you know, Emily and I love to be in the kitchen baking. It's the one thing we have always done, and even now we have Isabelle I always try to carve out time to bake with her, as it's always been our thing. With Isabelle being dairy free I try to bake and cook from scratch as much as I can, just because I prefer to know exactly what is in her food and it gives me that extra peace of mind. Last week we rustled up some dairy-free pancakes for her (recipe will be up soon) and today, we decided to make some banana muffins.

Starting Ballet [Ordinary Days]

For a while Emily has been talking about ballet, I say for a while I literally mean since she was about two. She has always shown a real interest in singing, dancing and anything theatrical. I'm sure that she is going to be a professional dancer or actress. I looked into ballet lessons a while back, but she wasn't quite old enough, and the location of the ballet class was really far away.

Dr Oetker Unicorn Pancakes

Seen as it was pancake day, Dr Oetker kindly sent us some ingredients to make there Unicorn pancakes. Emily was so excited to open up the package and see lots of multicoloured chocolate chips. Now I am going to be completely honest, Emily doesn't like pancakes, I have tried lots of different recipes with her, and I tried again this year, but she just doesn't seem to like the texture, and therefore she just doesn't end up eating them. She did try them though, and that is always a step in the right direction.

Planning A Trip To Disney

We have been saving up for an abroad holiday for quite some time with no idea where we would actually like to go - well that's not entirely true, there are plenty of places we would like to go, but not all of those are suitable for a family of four. I did originally want to wait until the girls were older before we booked a holiday for them, but recently I have started to think about booking a holiday before Emily starts school.

Little Mini Egg Cheesecakes

As I'm sure you all know by now, Emily and I love to get our bake on. She absolutely loves being in the kitchen and helping out as much as she can. It's something that the two of us can do together, and I really think that it has helped us keep our close relationship since Isabelle has been born. We decided since the shops are now full of mini eggs, we would create something 'Easterish'. Emily's favourite chocolate's at Easter time are Smartie Mini Eggs, so I knew that would be the one chocolate she wanted to include in our bake. In the end, we settled upon mini cheesecakes, and I'm so proud of how they turned out I thought I would share the recipe with you.

Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge

Rustlers set us a really fun Burger Hacking challenge, and I was pretty happy to take part. Emily loves chicken burgers, and often we buy the double pack southern fried chicken burgers as part of our weekly shop, as Emily really enjoys them, and thinks they are the ultimate treat. They are also perfect for busy weekends, as we can pop one in the microwave and within no time she has eaten her lunch and we can head back out the door again. They are quick, convenient and really affordable.

Isabelle's 7 Month Update

How is my little bug 7 Months, honestly before I know it she will be one. I think as the months pass by I feel a little bit more emotional with Isabelle than I ever did with Emily, just because I know that she is my last. With Emily, there was always that chance that we might decide to have another, this time that's gone. She is definitely our last. Anyway, back to her actual update this month her personality has really blossomed, she is constantly chatting, and babbling to us.

Clingfilm Painting With Isabelle

Coming up with various different ways to craft with a baby can be tricky, We all know that babies love nothing more than sticking everything in their mouth and that is not always ideal - especially when your painting. When Emily was a baby, we did lots of clingfilm painting, and she loved it. It's such a simple activity, and even better its great for parents who don't really like a mess - because there isn't any mess, like at all. Brilliant right?

Valentine's Heart Printing

Valentine's day fast approaching and I have started to think more about craft activities to do with Emily, every year she makes her daddy a card for valentines day, and this year is no different - I really hope he doesn't read this post and completely ruin the surprise. Anyway, Emily wanted to do painting, so we decided to use our empty toilet roll tubes to make some heart stampers. It was really simple to do, I just folded one half into an m shape, creating a heart and used a little bit of sellotape to keep it together.

Peter Rabbit Party With Baking Mad

When baking mad asked us if we would like to host a party, at first I thought it isn't either of my childrens birthdays, so why would I wanna host a party. Then I thought about it, and knew it would be a perfect opportunity to give something back to the local group Emily, Isabelle and I attend each week. I have made some lovely mum friends - a thing I never thought I would do because of my anxiety, and Emily loves going. I knew I was onto a winner when they mentinoned cake - who doesn't love cake right?

Siblings [January 2018]

Emily and Isabelle's relationship seems to have absolutely blossomed this month. Isabelle is interested in everything that Emily is doing, and Emily is besotted with Isabelle - so much so she doesn't let her sleep, which can be very infuriating and I do feel like I am constantly saying 'Emily stop waking your sister up'.
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