Siblings [December 2017]

As I say every month, these are definitely my favourite type of posts to write. I love nothing more than watching my girls bond, and their relationship grows. This month was quite a memorable one, as it was Isabelle's first Christmas and the first Christmas that Emily really understood what was happening and that Santa was visiting. She was so excited to tell Isabelle all about Christmas and Santa, and that she was getting presents. In my opinion, having two children, this Christmas definitely made the whole thing so much more magical.

Naturally, like any big sister would, Emily of course 'helped' Isabelle open her Christmas presents. When I say she helped, she basically just opened them all for her, and then gave her the toy. Isabelle did get a few of them to open but she wasn't at all interested in the paper, or the present. she just liked holding it and trying to eat the wrapping paper, which definitely isn't the most nutritious thing for her to do.

This month Isabelle has grown in character massively. She has become really cheeky, she is still very very serious, and the only person who can get an instant smile or giggle from her is Emily. Which just speaks to the type of relationship they have. They honestly adore each other, Emily constantly wants to sit and cuddle Isabelle, and Isabelle wants to do whatever Emily is doing. I am sure as they grow there bond is only going to grow, and intensify. I'm not naive enough to think that they won't fight and have their moments as they grow up.

During December we were jam-packed with various different things that we did, we met Santa, went ice-skating, ate far too much chocolate, baked and did various crafts. It honestly has been one of my favourite December's. One of my favourite developments from this month is the fact Isabelle shouts for Emily. If Emily leaves the room, or she wants her but she's not next to her, Isabelle shouts 'EEEEEE' and Emily comes running. Emily knows that it is her that Isabelle wants, and Emily calls Isabelle sissy-belle. I love that they have there owned little nicknames for each other already.

Isabelle is also now able to hold herself up unaided for long periods of time, meaning she is able to sit and play with Emily. Rather than Emily constantly bringing her various different toys, she is able to actually sit on the floor and play with her. They both currently love playing with Isabelle's blocks. Well, Emily loves building towers for Isabelle to knock down. Sure they do end up pushing or pulling each other, but for the most part, they are really kind and caring towards each other.

Things do seem to be settling down a little now in regards to how I feel and juggling the two of them. Being a parent of two is really hard. I feel all the mum guilt, forever saying to Emily 'one minute' or 'hold on a second'. I'm not used to not being able to say yes to Emily whenever she needs or wants something. I miss spending time with her, having one on one time, crafting, baking or doing whatever we can do just the two of us. On the flip side, I feel guilty for Isabelle, for not being able to give her more of my time, or sit and play with her as much as I like. Housework definitely has taken a backseat, because I'm constantly trying to play a juggling act, and I'm not very good at it at the moment. I love both of my girls, and wouldn't change them for the world, I just really wish there was more time in the day.

- I always take these pictures towards the end of the month, just so happened the end of December was Christmas, so these pictures are from Christmas morning.

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