Isabelle's 6 Month Update

Happy half a year baby!

Isabelle now weighs 16lb6oz, we are still in size 3 nappies but she is in a mixture of 3-6 month and 6-9 month clothing, She seems to be too tall for the 3-6 month stuff, but too skinny for the 6-9 stuff.

For a while, she has been trying to sit up unaided, and she could do it but she was very lazy and prefers to just grab what she wanted and then slouch back again. She has taken so much more interest lately in sitting up and playing more with her toys with Emily. She got some plan toys activity blocks for Christmas and they are definitely her favourite toy. They are the toy she constantly grabs for.

Weaning is starting to slowly improve. We are having to take it really slow, as there are lots of things that Isabelle seems to have reactions to, Strawberries being the worst (aside from dairy of course). It is a little bit of a guessing game at the best of times and can be very daunting, but we are slowly getting there, we are seeing a dietician next month, and Isabelle's favourite food is Banana! I'll post more about this in a weaning update.

Sleeping has become a little hit and miss. She was sleeping through the night really well, but then all of a sudden she stopped, she has started waking up more often for milk (i think she may just be having a growth spurt). She is happy enough to have her milk and go straight back to sleep which is lucky, and I'm hoping that she will go back to sleeping through the night again soon. She also has started to get into a really good routine with naps. She will have a nap at about 12, for an hour, as long as Emily doesn't wake her up. She then will have another nap at about 4ish, and then go to bed at 8pm.

While we are on the topic of sleep, Isabelle is still in her bedside crib in our bedroom, I'll be extremely sad when she moves into Emily's bedroom with her, to be honest. She still has quite a lot of space in her crib, and until she starts to sleep through a little better I have no plans to move her. Just because I know that it will disrupt Emily's sleep and they have no option but to share.

Isabelle is becoming increasingly more vocal. If she wants and can't see Emily, she shouts 'Eeeee' until she comes back. She has also mastered dada and loves to call out for him - she is a complete daddy's girl so it doesn't surprise me that it's him she calls out for first.

Bath time has become so much more fun, and Isabelle is loving it more now than she did before. We have moved her out of her angel care bath support and into a bath seat. She loves that she is sitting upright and can reach Emily's toys. Much to mine and Sam's dismay Emily has taught her how to splash, so the two of them are absolutely soaking my bathroom at night time.

Isabelle loves Hey Duggee. I don't really encourage her to watch television, but of course, she is bound to see programs while Emily is watching them. Emily's favourite is Hey Duggee and Isabelle has really found a love for it too - especially the stick episode - If you're a parent you will know what I mean. Stick, Stick, Stick, Stick, Sticky, Sticky, Stick Stick.

She seems to have grown a good little collection of nicknames, her favourite and the one she responds to the most is IsaBug. Emily has always been EmBug, so naturally, Isabelle's name got shortened too. Emily still religiously calls her Sissy or SissyBelle.

Isabelle mastered her Jumperoo, it's by far her favourite toy, just like it was Emily's favourite. She loves nothing more than jumping up and down all day long. I was surprised that she got the hang of it as fast as she did as it took Emily a little while to get used to it.

This past month we celebrated Isabelle's first Christmas, she got some lovely new toys, she also met Santa.

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Plan Toys Activity Blocks

Being on her own

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