Goals For 2018

I'm not one for resolutions, I just don't see the point in them as I know full well that within two weeks I'd of quit whatever resolution I'd decided to tackle, and I'm not about to set myself up to fail. Where is the use of that? I did, however, want to set myself a few goals for this year, there are things I want to achieve, things I want to improve, I want to be a better version of myself. So I thought that I would share with you a few of the goals I have set myself for this year.

Make a start on scrapbooks for the girls
This is something that I started a long time ago for Emily, Isabelle is 6 months now and I still haven't made a start on hers. I lost focus and then it just didn't seem to happen, this year I intend to play catch up and print out hundreds of photographs to fill in my scrapbook. I know that I will regret it if I don't catch up with their scrapbooks.

Vlog more
Vlogging is something that I love to do, although editing is a lot of work and I don't really enjoy that so much. When I fell pregnant with Isabelle my youtube channel just sort of fell to the backseat, I prioritised just getting through a really tough pregnancy. I do miss picking up my camera though, and I really want to document more of our memories. Emily absolutely loves watching back our vlogs of days out, or random day in the life videos, I know that Isabelle will love watching them again too - so I really want to get back to it. This time I'm not going to get caught up in views, or numbers. I'm not making video's for subscribers, I'm doing it for Emily and Isabelle to be able to look back on.

Read more
I love nothing more than getting stuck into a book, since having children I haven't read as many books as I have wanted to, and I really want to make more time for myself. It's so important to make time for yourself and focus on self-care. Something that I don't do very often anymore, which is detrimental to my mental health - I feel like I'm constantly burning out.

Build more friendships
2017 was tough, I'm not going to lie - my friendships did suffer and dwindle a little. This year I really want to make more of an effort to build better friendships, get out more, and push my anxiety away. I spent so much time indoors, feeling guilty and as if I'm letting Emily down, I really don't want to be that person anymore. Hopefully this year I will be a better friend, build new friendships and get out more.

Bake and cook from scratch more
I absolutely love cooking, I love making up recipes and putting together lots of different recipes. When my HG was at it's worst, I couldn't even stomach the smell of food, let alone actually cooking. We ended up having more dinners from the freezer than me actually cooking and I miss it. I have been making an effort to put together meal plans, which saves us lots of money, as I'm not just buying things and wasting them, I'm only buying what I need. I also want to bake more with Emily, and Isabelle as she gets older. Emily has a real love for cooking and I want to carry on encouraging that.

Spend less and be more organised
As I mentioned we spend way too much money on grocery shopping as I didn't make a list or meal plan, so I made it up in my mind as I went along. Then I forgot what I was supposed to be making, and ended up wasting lots of food. Hopefully something I really am going to improve and fix by cooking more from scratch this year.

Careless about stats
As a blogger, it's natural to get caught up in numbers, how many page views, social followings you have. That is something I really want to care less about this year. I know that in the grand scheme of things numbers don't matter. I'd much more prefer someone to read my blog and feel as if they are not alone, or that I helped them in some way.

Go explore
Last year we went on quite a few day trips, and we already have two holidays in the UK booked in for this year that we are really excited for. I can't wait to make more plans for the year ahead, make the most of the summer and spend quality time as a family. I'm definitely so ready for the better weather.

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