CMPA Weaning Diaries [2]

Weaning Isabelle hasn’t been the smoothest of transitions. With Emily we went with a mixture of baby led weaning and purée, she took to it almost instantly and loved her food, especially bananas and carrots. Isabelle is proving to be the complete opposite - well they do say you never get two children alike right?

Now the dairy allergy/intolerance (we’re still trying to figure out which one it is) isn’t that much of a problem, I just avoid it and most of the things that she is starting to wean on is fruit and vegetables which luckily don’t have dairy anywhere near them. One less thing for me to worry about. The thing is, Isabelle gags on everything. Fruits are better than vegetables. She managed to eat that and not gag, aside from strawberries but that’s a whole other story. she loves bananas but any kind of vegetables and she just gags. She won’t eat it, she spits it out, she gags, sometimes she’s sick. It’s just impossible. I’m ok with just giving her fruits for now, as she does need something but I’m worried that I’ll get backlash from the dietitian when I see her. As I’ve been told plenty of times if she just has fruit she’ll end up with a real sweet tooth. 

Speaking of dietitians. We don’t see ours until February if the appointment doesn’t get cancelled before then. We got referred back when Isabelle was 6 weeks old and this is nearest appointment they could give us - which I do think is absolutely ridiculous. I get that the NHS is stretched and all, but I have so many questions with no one to answer them. Facebook CMPA groups are amazing, but it’s not quite the same as having a supportive dietitian, or someone you can call for advice. For example, I rang the health visitor to ask when Isabelle would come off her formula (similac) as it said on the tin 6 months. She told me to ring the GP, who said ring the paediatrician who said nope phone the dietian  - who wouldn’t give me any advise on the phone as she hasn’t yet met Isabelle. It’s beyond frustrating. 

Luckily it seems that Isabelle can tolerate wheat and soy, as she has had both these in bread and been absolutely fine. Which is a relief as most babies who are CMPA also have a soy allergy. She absolutely loves toast and we have been using a dairy free spread. She also loves banana, apple, pears, mango, peach and blueberries. I can also manage to sneak in some carrots or parsnips if I add it to apple, which is a win-win! 

I have tried Isabelle on smooth ready brek porridge but it was mixed with her formula and she didn’t take to it at all. I have been told that she can have a dairy alternative in her porridge and baby rice so we are going to give that a try, and hopefully, she will enjoy that. Her favourite snack is Ella’s kitchen melty sticks in carrot and sweet corn flavour. She adores them, as soon as she sees the orangey/yellow packet she reaches for them and whines until she gets them. 

I’m hoping that the dietitian will be able to give us some advice on what to do regarding the gagging. I’m not sure if she is faffing because of taste or texture, or if there is more to it than that. I’m also hoping to try and introduce cooked egg soon and see how she goes with that. I managed to pick up some violife cream cheese alternative so I’m hoping to try that on some bread with her, sometime this week, and I also picked up some banana and apricot dairy free Tesco own brand yoghurts, which she is absolutely loving! 

If you have any advice on weaning with a dairy free child, I’d love to hear all about your journey and what worked for you, as it does feel a little lonely, especially not having a medical professional to be able to call upon. 

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