Siblings [November 2017]

There is nothing more in this world that I love than watching these two little girls laugh, bond, and create memories together. While they are complete best friends they couldn't be any different if they tried - they are both super happy all the time (even at like 2am much to my dislike) it's very rare that either of them isn't smiling. 

Emily is very cheeky, loud and wants to chat twenty-four seven, honestly, she would chew your ear off, but Isabelle is very reserved, once she warms up to someone she does turn into a chatterbox, but she holds back for a long time. Emily finds everything hilariously funny, whereas Isabelle is super serious. It took us weeks to get a little giggle out of her and to make her laugh you really have to try - unless your name is Emily and you are her big sister. She gives Emily smiles and giggles straight away, when Isabelle was in my tummy I always wondered what kind of bond they would have if they would get on, or annoy each other. So far, we are doing well and they are best friends, but I'm sure as they grow and get older that is sure to change.

I really love to watch their bond grow and change as Isabelle develops her own interests and personality, I do wonder how much input Emily is going to have in what Isabelle likes and dislikes. I am having a little bit of trouble with weaning, as Isabelle is so interested in food, and Emily wants to help out at every opportunity. Which can be quite challenging because she doesn't understand that Isabelle is allergic to dairy and can't always have the same foods as her. I have as a precaution started to change the butter on Emily's toast to dairy free, just in case she feels like sharing. Emily hasn't even noticed the switch, to be honest.

This month we have been really busy, I'm sure you are wondering why the girls are so festive in their November pictures but the first picture in this post has actually been used for our Christmas cards this year, I just love it so so much. Well, I love all of them but that is my favourite. We have lots of plans for December, and Emily can't wait to put up the tree and show Isabelle the twinkly lights. She is also really excited to introduce her to Santa, and informed me that she will tell Santa what Isabelle would like for Christmas - I'm not too sure how she knows that herself, but its nice that she cares. 

I am still struggling a little with adjusting to two, Emily has come down with a cold and has been really clingy to me, which is fine shes poorly and I get that all she wants is her mummy - but it is extremely hard to split myself between the both of them, Isabelle doesn't understand that Emily is poorly, and Emily doesn't understand why Isabelle can't get her own milk, and cries for me. I have been reassured a million times that I will adjust and parenting two little monkeys will become easier, but 5 months in and I've still not found a happy medium. Some days are better than others and I have kind of just accepted the fact that this is the way it is and a part of me will always feel a little torn between the both of them. 

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