Isabelle's 5 Month Update

Isabelle is still in 3-6 month clothing, and it doesn't look like she will be moving up a size anytime soon much to my disappointment. I may or may not have brought her Christmas clothing in 6-9 months thinking that she will be in that size by then, apparently, I was wrong and she seems to have slowed right down with growth. She also is still in size 3 nappies, I haven't yet had her weighed, but she is due to be weighed this week.

We have started weaning, and Isabelle is doing really well. We do have a mixture of BLW and puree which is going really well and suiting us. So far we are just avoiding dairy, we have only managed to find one food that has given her belly ache, so we just plan to avoid that for a while. If you want to follow Isabelle's weaning journey you can read her CMPA weaning diaries. I will be posting an updated one shortly.

Isabelle is grasping at her toys a lot more, she has always been really good at holding toys in her hands, but she really has got the hang of passing it from on hand to another now, and does it with ease. She also has a really good strong grip, meaning when her big sister gets a little boisturious and tries to take a toy from her, she fails miserably - much to Isabelle's delight.

Sleeping is a little bit hit and miss, Isabelle was really good at sleeping all the way through, but lately she has started waking up during the night a lot more, I'm sure that it is just her teeth that are waking her, but it really is unsettling her. Hopefully once those pesky teeth are through she will go back to sleeping straight through - a girl can hope right?

We are finally getting there with sitting up. Isabelle is quite lazy, she can hold herself up, but as soon as she's grabbed the toy, or whatever she wanted she flops back. She can pull herself back up though and I have been trying to convince her to sit up for longer periods of time.

Isabelle has a love for her muslins. She has always been really attached to them, but now more than ever, she falls asleep with them over her face, much to my dislike and I am constantly removing them once she is asleep. It worrys me to death. However they really have become a comfort for her, if she doesn't have one she tends to get really upset and unsettled. She loves to play with the tags on them too, she loves to rub her muslin or the label against her cheek until she falls asleep.

We gave Isabelle, Emily's old jumperoo this month, at first she sat in it and was a bit like 'why are you putting me in this' but now she really has got the hang of it and loves nothing more than jumping up and down in it. She has also got the hang of the buttons fairly quicky, I just wonder how long it will be before she realises the seat can swivel.

Isabelle knows her little nicknames now, Emily calls her sissy still which she has called her from the beginning when she was a little bean in my stomach, Emily also calls her sissy-belle a lot which i think is adorable. Isabelle shouts for Emily quite often, she calls for her saying 'eeeeee' and wont stop saying it until Emily comes to her.

She has discovered her feet, and is constantly pulling at her baby grows, so much so she actually gets her legs stuck further up the babygrow and becomes frustrated really quickly, hopefully she'll grow out of that pretty quickly.

This month Isabelle got used to her bumbo and highchair and started weaning, she also went to her first fireworks display which she absolutely loved, I was a little worried she wouldn't enjoy it but she really did.

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