Ice Skating For The First Time [Ordinary Days]

For a while now I have been talking about taking Emily ice skating, she has shown a real interest in it and really wanted to go, with Christmas fast approaching now seemed like the ideal time to take her, just because there are so many pop-up ice skating rinks near Christmas time. Sam is dead against going ice skating, he said he knows that he would be no good and didn't want to give it a go, which worked out fine for us, as I did need someone to sit with Isabelle (of course she is far too young to go on the ice).

We ended up going to Frosts garden centre in Woburn sands, although I have been to Frosts before, I have never been to that particular one. I was really impressed with the price for us to skate was really reasonable. It cost me £14.99 for Emily and I. Emily's godmother Toni came, and also her family (mum, dad and brother) joined us too. Emily was a little nervous to get on the ice at first, as she realised that it was slippy, but we hired a ice skating aid for her to hold onto or sit on, and that really did boost her confidence.

She loved having us skate and push her around the ice rink, shouting 'faster faster' the whole time. Of course, the adults did have a few falls and slips but overall we had such a good time. Emily loved it and hasn't stopped talking about it since we went, she has already requested to go again next year, and I will be happy to take her again because she really did love it.

I was a little bit worried about them having skates to fit Emily, but because she was under 5 she didn't have skates, she had little ones that just attached to her shoes and it was two blades rather than one - which helped massively, as she wasn't constantly trying to get her balance back, she was able to just shuffle along until she found herself a little rhythm. The session was pretty good too, we got 45 minutes on the ice, which I thought would be a perfect amount of time for Emily, but of course, she didn't want to get off the ice once our session had finished, and there were some tears.

We did make it up to her though, as we warmed up with hot chocolates and Emily had a doughnut. Sam had a mint hot chocolate and I had an orange hot chocolate, which was amazing but got very chocolately and sickly near the bottom. It was the best kind of way to warm up though. I would so recommend taking your little one ice skating, we had an absolute blast, If you are in two minds about taking your little one ice skating, I would definitely recommend it.

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