How To Protect Your Eyes From Electronic Screens

I never know how to answer that question, is there? When I was younger I remember my grandma telling us not to sit too close to the telly else we will have square eyes, or damage our eyes. The smart ass 11-year old I was, asked the option who informed me that you can't actually damage your eyes by sitting too close to the screen, but you can damage them from watching tv for an extensive amount of time.

As a blogger, I spend many hours on my laptop, or my phone, and after a while, it does bother my eyes. On my iPhone I have the ability to turn the screen onto nighttime mode which helps massively, it really is a shame you can't do that with a laptop. I have stumbled upon a blue light filter for a laptop which I really am thinking about investing in. As a glasses wearer, I know just how important it is to look after my eyes as they do seem to be getting steadily worse.

Being overexposed to electronic screens can be damaging to your eyes, it can cause repetitive stress to the eyes which can cause eye pain, and headaches. If your a migraine suffer like me, it can also bring on migraines pretty fast. Scientific studies have also shown that too much exposure to blue light or high-energy visible light emitted from smartphones, tablets and laptops can damage the light-sensitive cells in the retina. The use of a blue light screen filter can be very beneficial, not just to protect your eyes, but also to help you get better sleep. Did you know that blue light exposure can also negatively affect sleep?

I personally think it is really worthwhile investing in a blue light filter, especially with the amount of time I spend on the laptop. I think I might even pop it on my Christmas list! I'd love to hear if you have any suggestions on how to avoid overexposure.

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