Elfie & Elfred Diaries

Dearest Emily and Isabelle,
we noticed that your mama likes to keep a blog diary of what you two get up to, and all the important things she wants to be able to look back on when you are older. We thought that we would hi-jack your mama's blog, to write a little diary post each week that we are staying with you - that way when we return to the north pole, you can come back and look at it if you miss us!
Love Elfie and Elfred x

December 1st
We arrived on December the 1st and brought with us some advent calendars! We came through our magical door, and left a little letter, and some chocolate coins as a treat. Your mama informed us of what advent calendars you would like - we brought a chocolate trolls one, a soft dough one, and then a dairy-free chocolate one for Isabelle (although she is small for an advent calendar).

December 2nd
Elfred decided that we should have a closer look at the gorgeous sparkly decorations you put on the tree with your mama, Me and Elfie had so much fun that we just decided to stay sitting in the tree all day long. We really did have the best view!

December 3rd
We decided to host a tea party with all of our new friends, Elsa, Anna, Woody and the teletubbies were the only ones who could make it, but we had lots of fun! We even had chocolate coins and mini candy canes.

December 4th
Me and Elfred heard that you wanted to write some christmas cards for your friends, so we popped back to the north pole to get you some trolls ones! We also left you a christmas card, which was your first one of the year!

December 5th
It was a little cold outside, which gave me and Elfie the idea of toasting marshmallows. We managed to find some in your mama's cupboard which I'm sure you had been using to make hot chocolate. They really were delicious.

December 6th
We are all for recycling, so much so that we create a little swing, and enjoyed hanging about all day.

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