Christmas 2017 [Ordinary Days]

Christmas is something that I look forward to, it's by far my favourite time of the year. I absolutely love the build-up to Christmas and if I am honest I think that is my favourite part. Visiting Santa, decorating the tree, opening advent calendars with the kiddies are by far the best parts. This year I was even more excited as it was Isabelle's first Christmas, but also the first Christmas where Emily really knew what was going on. She was so excited to meet Santa, write him a little letter to tell him what she was wishing for, and she couldn't wait to leave our a homemade cookie and some milk.

On Christmas Eve we had a fairly chilled out day, the girls got their Christmas Eve boxes which they were both absolutely delighted with, and it kept Emily busy most of the afternoon, then like every other year, the girls godmother came over to visit and we exchanged gifts, we also had a little picky-tea (buffet) at emily's request, played games and soaked up each others company. Emily and I baked some chocolate chip cookies to leave out for santa, something that we do every year. Just before bed, Emily left a cookie, milk, and a carrot for the reindeer under the christmas tree. I didn't think that she would actually sleep that night, but after we explained that she needed to go to sleep because santa would be coming, she was asleep within five minutes.

I was actually the first awake which really surprised me, I expected Emily to wake up full of beans and excitement at silly o'clock in the morning, but she didn't. She slept in till 9am, much to Sam's delight, he was so happy he managed to get a lay in. Isabelle stayed asleep till about 9am too. I did have a really interesting conversation with Emily on Christmas morning though.. I can't believe that my little girl forgot Santa was coming.
Emily 'Morning mama'
Me 'Morning Embug, Happy Christmas'
Emily 'Happy Christmas - wait did Santa come? I forgot about that'

Emily couldn't wait to open her gifts, we were actually still opening presents two days after Christmas, her favourite gift was definitely her Sylvanian families toilet, which she was delighted to get, and a trolls blind bag - these were the only two things she asked for and she was thrilled with both of them. Of course, she did love all of her other presents too.

This will always be the year that I remember Emily asking for a near on impossible Christmas gift. She asked for some Sylvanian elephants (which are her absolute favourite thing and she hasn't stopped playing with them). Those little elephants are well travelled, from America, they made their way to Canada, and then from Canada to us in the UK. All courtesy of my lovely cousin who saved out Christmas. I tried to explain to Emily that I wasn't sure if Santa would be able to bring them, as they don't make them where we live. Her reply was simple. She said 'Don't worry Mama, Santa is magic', How can I argue with that? 

We then headed over to Sam's nan's house, had a lovely Christmas dinner there and the girls opened yet more presents. This year has definitely been my favourite Christmas, and I'm so thankful I got to spend it with the people I love. I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas too.

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