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This year is Isabelle's first Christmas, and I know that she is going to be completely overwhelmed with all the wrapping paper and sparkly lights. It's also the first Christmas that Emily has requested certain things from Santa, such as a Sylvanian families toilet and a trolls blind bag - no seriously, that is ALL she has asked for. I thought that I would put together a gift guide of a few things that I have got over the past few weeks for the girls.

Sylvanian Families Fruit Cart + Poodle Twins
As I mentioned above, Emily has requested the Sylvanian toilet for Christmas, she also has the tree house as one of her main presents and I know that she is going to lose her mind once she receives it. With that in mind, I wanted to get her a few more little accessories to aid her play and really kick start her imagination. She already has the little poodle family, so I thought that the twins would be a lovely addition to that Family, after all she is a little obsessed with babies at the moment. She also has this gorgeous fruit cart, I love that it has over 35 accessories, and comes with lots of little fruits such as oranges, apples, banana, and melon. I know Emily is going to love this, and of course, we do keep the little pieces in a tub when she isn't playing with them just so Isabelle doesn't grab hold of them.

Wonderbly books
I have loved Wonderbly books for as long as I can remember, for Emily's first birthday she got 'the girl who lost her name' and we have read it hundreds of times and it is still a firm favourite. The books are personalised with your child's name, and you can also tailor their story to there interests and preferences. We were also able to make the character in the book look like Emily. This time I went to the new my golden ticket book - which is based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one of my all-time favourite films.

Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set
Child's farm is a brand that I know well and love. I have always used child's farm with Emily and don't even bother looking at different brands now, as I know that it smells amazing, has no hidden nasties and doesn't break Emily's skin out. Win-win. When I had Isabelle I knew that I wanted to carry on using Child's farm, and we purchased a mini babies essentials bath set, which has a bath wash, bubble bath, a shampoo and a nappy cream. She got on really well with it and we have carried on using it. Naturally I wanted to get her some for Christmas as I always try to purchase mini's for there stockings, but instead, I decided on this gorgeous bath set. It comes with a bubble bath, body wash and body moisturiser. If you are thinking of trying child's farm - or looking for a new bubble bath for your child I would highly recommend giving them a try!

Happy Christmas Twirlywoo Book
Who doesn't love a good Christmas book? It's even better when it is your child's favourite characters inside that book. I knew that Emily would love this Twirlywoo book, I was supposed to keep it for Christmas but she saw it when It was delivered and I never managed to stash it away. It really hasn't disappointed. Since she received it we have read the book so much that I know all of the worlds.

LittleLife Gruffalo Poncho Towel
We have a few of these poncho towels as I personally think that they are brilliant. Emily loves that she is able to independently get out of the bath and wrap herself up in her own towel as you simply pop them over your head. They are also brilliant for holidays when you are lounging about by the pool. When I saw the Gruffalo print, I knew instantly that Emily would love it and I knew I had to get it for her. It's going to be a welcomed addition to our collection and it's super soft too!

Toy State Junior Builder
Emily is at that age where she loves things she can take apart and put back together again, that combined with her love for diggers, and dump trucks made the junior builder the perfect gift. It comes with a screwdriver, and I just know that Emily is going to love taking it apart and putting it back together again.

LittleLife Gruffalo Suitcase
We have two UK break holiday's planned for this year, and Emily was in serious need of a new suitcase as her last one has seen better days. This LittleLife one is perfect for Emily's age, I know that we will be able to fill it with all she needs and her clothes won't spill out into our suitcase as it is really roomy, it also rolls really smoothly on wheels so I knew Emily will love the independence of pulling it along by herself, and its one less thing for us to carry - win-win.

Aden + Anais Swaddles
I'm sure if you are a regular reader you will know that I am a little obsessed with Aden + Anais Swaddles. We don't go anywhere without one, and Isabelle has become really attached to them, they are super soft and the only way she will fall asleep is by rubbing on on her face and playing with the label. I love the product so much that I have actually gifted a couple of sets to friends and family. I can't wait for Isabelle to open this beautiful star set on Christmas, I know that she is going to absolutely love them.

As I mentioned before I love putting these little mini's in the girl's stockings, and this year is no different. These mini bottles are so handy to have when you are travelling and you can never have too many - right? This little set contains a hair and body wash, bubble bath and moisturiser.

Cars 3 Aquabeads
Emily absolutely loves both cars 3 and aqua beads. Last year we got her a mini frozen set, just to test the water and see if she actually liked them. Which she really did. She loved making pictures with the beads and sticking them together independently with the water. Naturally, when I saw they did a Cars 3 set I knew I wanted to get them for her, no doubt you will find me sat at the table making these on Christmas day.

Ultimate Spiderman Ruble To The Rescue
Does anyone else have a spiderman, obsessed child? Emily is obsessed with superheroes at the moment, from PJ masks to Spiderman. I know that she will absolutely love this spiderman rumble to the rescue toy, motorised drive with rumbling actions, as well as realistic ignition and horn sounds I know that my little car-obsessed girl is going to LOVE this.

I'd love to hear what you have been buying this year.

- contains some PR samples, all opions are honest and my own.

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