Sprucing Up Our Bathroom

I've spoken about my bathroom on my blog before, and how much I loved to give it a little makeover. Recently I have found myself wanting to redo it over again. When we moved in, I painted our bathroom a lovely shade of blue and added some canvases onto the wall just to make it feel a little cosy, and while I do still like the colour - some of the decor really needs a good revamp.

Last week Sam and I actually got round to replacing our old shower curtain rail, this may seem like such a small thing to most, but it has honestly made such a difference to the space that we have. Since we moved into our little flat we wanted to replace the shower curtain, but it is one of those things that we just never got around to. We kept putting it off until the shower curtain poll actually fell down and we were left with no choice but to put a new one up.

The other thing we have been going on and on about is adding a bathroom cabinet to the wall, or even a little shelf. I have been looking into the Lumino bathroom cabinets, I love the idea of having a mirrored cabinet, as it has two purposes. The Lumino ones are perfect for our little dingy bathroom as they have LED illuminated cabinets which will add a light and a feeling of space to any bathroom setting. Our bathroom wouldn't be so dingy which is fab, and we could also leave the LED lights on overnight instead of the big bathroom light for when Emily uses the bathroom during the night.

Not only does it look great, but the bathroom cabinets are filled with handy features. The one we were looking into - The Como - has a heated demister pad to prevent steam from forming on the mirror, the adjustable shelves allow you to customise your storage space and finally, the lights are activated by an infrared sensor, you simply swipe your hand underneath to switch the cabinet on, or off.

I think we will definitely be investing in a bathroom cabinet to fill the space on our wall, and then I just need to find a good storage solution for towels - if you have any ideas I really would love to hear them as I really am fed up of seeing our towels slung over the bath.

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