Siblings [October 2017]

I really enjoy sitting down to write these posts, I actually think that they may be my favourite. Emily and Isabelle are still very much best friends, I'm waiting for the day they start squabbling, but it's not happened just yet. The most we have had is a little bit of hair pulling from Isabelle - but in all fairness, she is 4 months old, and Emily does love to get right in her face - nose to nose - which can be very frustrating to Isabelle as I'm sure you can understand.

Isabelle has really found her voice this month, she is constantly shouting, screaming and jib-jabbing away much to Emily's delight. Emily loves laying next to her at any opportunity, if I put her down to change her nappy, she is right there. If I put her on her playmat she tries to get on there with her. I literally cannot take my eyes off the pair of them for a second, for fear that Isabelle will pull out a clump of Emily's hair, or Emily will accidentally squish her. 

Emily has really enjoyed having a little friend to play with, Isabelle is now able to hold herself up in her bumbo meaning Emily can sit and play with her on the floor - supervised obviously. Emily loves to bring her toys, and show her how they work - I think she is also secretly enjoying re-discovering her old baby toys too although she will never admit it. Isabelle has a real fondness for her wooden rainbow clutching beads. Emily keeps trying to sway her to the musical cow - but so far, Isabelle isn't convinced. 

We also dressed Isabelle up for Halloween, which Emily was delighted about. Emily decided she wanted to be a witch accompanied with a broom and pointy hat - just like her favourite character from her favourite book room on the broom. She then kindly picked out a mummy sleepsuit for Isabelle from Tesco - which I have to admit is adorable. Emily loves trying to make all of the decisions for Isabelle, such as telling me what Santa should bring me, and what food Isabelle would like.

My favourite memory from this month has to be how defensive and protective Emily is of her baby sister. Isabelle had her second lot of vaccinations this month - which she really wasn't happy about. I hate having to be the one to take her as there is nothing worse than seeing your baby hurt, even if it is best for her in the long run. Emily looked at the nurse, and said proud as punch 'leave my baby sissy alone, she doesn't like you hurting her' and folded her arms. It was the sweetest thing, and luckily the nurse took it on the chin and found Emily pretty funny.

I have mentioned before that I have struggled a little bit with adjusting to two - mainly because I feel the need to split myself in two which obviously isn't possible. I don't want Emily to ever feel pushed out now that she has a sister, but equally, I don't want either of them to ever feel like I favour or spend more time with the other. So it has become a little bit of a juggling act managing my time so they both get time with me. Emily came down with a sickness bug recently, and when she is ill she is really clingy, like most children. I found it so hard to be there for her, and give her all the cuddles she needed and be there for Isabelle too, who was perfectly fine, wanted cuddles and feeding and to play like normal. I got through it - I guess as a mama you just find a way, but it was incredibly hard and I found myself counting down the moments till Sam got home from work just so he could give Isabelle the attention she needed and I could focus on being there to make Emily feel better. 

Parenting is hard sometimes, but I think - dare I say it - I'm slowly finding a balance between the two of them, and dividing my time. I couldn't be more thankful for my two little rainbows if I tried. 

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