Petit-Fernand Personalised Lunch Boxes [Review]

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you will know that during my pregnancy with Isabelle I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, meaning I was really sick, throughout both the day and night. Making food became physically impossible, as even the smell of bland foods was enough to make me sick - obviously, I had Emily to look after, with no one to help me while Sam was at work, so I had to find ways to get through it and manage. One of those ways was to make Emily a packed lunch, sam would make it and leave it in the fridge for her and I would just have to get it out to give to her. It helped massively and Emily loved that she could have her own little-packed lunch every day - toddlers are easily pleased.

Petit-Fernand offered to send Emily and Isabelle one of their personalised lunchboxes, which Emily was thrilled about. They have a brilliant range of children's lunchboxes that are perfect for giving them a chance to try new foods. Each lunchbox has little sections throughout where you can place different bits of food, Emily really likes it as she does like to keep her food separate from one and another. 

Emily loved the fact she had the independence to go to the website with me and personalise her lunchbox. She was able to add her name, pick the colour, font, background picture and text colour! If you get the chance I would definitely recommend checking out the various different styles that they do. Of course, Emily picked the only picture that had dinosaurs and rainbows (her favourite things) I have blurred out the last part of Emily's name, just because I don't share her surname.

When the lunchboxes arrived, I was really impressed with the quality of them, they are very robust and clearly made to last. One of my favourite features is the box has an option of having a ice pack (which does come with the lunchbox) on the underside of the top section. I always worry if food is kept cool enough during the day, or if the icepack is squishing things but I'm happy to say there is no chance of this with the Petit-Fernand lunchbox.

Overall I am really impressed with the lunchboxes, as is Emily. She loves to take it wherever we are going, and can't wait to get more use out of it when we go on our picnics in the summer. If you are thinking of getting a new lunchbox I would definitely recommend this one, they are fantastic for getting your child to try new foods as they have separate little sections. If you decide that you don't want sections on the bottom half you can, of course, remove the tray, which we have done a couple of times to add pasta in the bottom for her. 

I'd love to hear what you think of Emily's lunchbox. 

We were kindly sent this lunchbox to review, however, all opinions are my own.

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