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If you are a regular reader, I'm sure you remember the days when my blog first started and I had the most gorgeous yellow logo, that then slowly changed to the one I have now, but it really is hard not to get bored with your logo. You want something that stands out but isn't too in your face. Something memorable but not too similar to anyone else's. It can be a little bit of a minefield at the best of times.

When LogoJoy got in touch and asked if I would like to collaborate with them to create my very own logo, of course, I said yes. I love nothing more than getting an opportunity to create something new, and hopefully, something that I will be able to use on my blog.

I created the logo above, and I have to say it was honestly so easy. I was really impressed with how simple it was, and also the fact it gave you plenty of options to change your mind or add bits when you saw the final design. I managed to create my logo in a short period of time, and I'm really impressed with how it turned out - even having a little rainbow included, which means so much to me as both my girls are rainbow babies.

I thought I would talk you through the simple steps to creating a logo, incase you are curious to go and have a go yourself.

- Simply start by entering your blog or company name. Whichever name you enter at the beginning will be the main text of the logo - for example, I entered 'Raising Emily' here.
- Next, you can choose some colours, these colours will be incorporated into your logo. Now don't worry too much about this step, if you pick say orange and then get to the end and realise when you see your logo you don't like that at all, you can then edit it to whichever colour you would like.
-  Then you can choose a symbol to go with your logo. This is where I picked our rainbow from, you can actually choose up to 5 different symbols, giving you the option to see which one fits best with your text.
- Next up you will then be directed to a final page which has your completed logo, there are a few options to choose from, and you also have the opportunity to change the colour, font, layout, and symbol at this point too if you're not happy with the previous choices.

You can then simply save and download your logo - and just like that, it's done! The pricing varies depending on what package you pick, but it is ranging from as little as $20 meaning there is something suitable for everyone's budget. Super straightforward right? I would love to hear what you think of the process and if you created your logo using LogoJoy, I personally would definitely recommend them.

I received this logo in exchange for my honest opinions on the LogoJoy service.

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