Creating Time For Me Time

Before I had children, bingo was something that I often went to with my Grandma. Stereotypical old person - she loves a good game of bingo. I have to admit, I actually enjoyed going, and sitting with her, joining in, unfortunately, I never won. Since having children I have just been so busy doing 'family things' that I haven't been able to fit in anything like going to the bingo.

I have actually been trying to make more time for me, which is something that I really struggle to do, but in the evening, instead of burying my head in work, I have been drawn to play games online, and I have found my love for bingo again! I even downloaded an app for my Grandma on her phone so she can join in too. Not sure how much of a good idea that was.

I have actually started to really enjoy my 'me time'. I get to relax in the evening with some snacks and hope to win some money from bingo. I have to admit though, I am no good at winning and haven't managed to win as of yet, doesn't mean I'm giving up though!

The popularity of online games such as online bingo is increasing, so it is hard to find where the best deals are when it comes to playing online. which is where boomtown come in, they have compiled a list of their favourite bingo sites. This list includes a list of the best sign up offers that are available. Having it all in one place makes it so much easier to find a good deal.

I'd love to hear what you do for your 'me time' and if you don't manage to have me time you really need to adjust that and find some time for yourself. I'd love to hear what your favourite bingo site is too!

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