Chocolate Sparklers

As you know if you are a regular reader, I love nothing more than doing arts, crafts and baking with Emily. Whenever there is a holiday or season change I'm digging out our arts and crafts bits to try and put together an activity for her - I have to admit it is a little harder now than it used to be, just because I have Isabelle too. With bonfire night fast approaching I wanted to create an activity that would reflect that, we have already done the fireworks painting using empty toilet roll holders, so I wanted to do something a little different.

I decided to make chocolate sparklers with Emily, which is actually really simple to do, and so much fun, especially if you are a chocolate lover like us. Emily had the opportunity to use sparklers (supervised of course) for the first time this year, and she absolutely loved creating letters, shapes and watching them sparkle. She couldn't wait for it to get dark again the following day as she wanted to do more! 

To make the chocolate sparklers, I used Mikado sticks, you can also use breadsticks if your child is younger and needs something more to hold onto, as the Mikado sticks can snap quite easily. We then melted some chocolate which we used to coat the Mikado sticks. We then got some sprinkles and coated the sticks in sprinkles. We used a variety of colours and some stars which Emily absolutely loved.

I found the easiest way for Emily to add the sprinkles, was to add them all to a plate and let her roll the sticks in the sprinkles. She managed to coat the sticks fairly well and was really impressed with the way they turned out. Of course Emily did eat quite a lot of sprinkles along the way!

I'm pretty sure that Emily ate more of the melted chocolate than the chocolate that ended on the stick. I was really impressed with the way they turned out. Emily's favourite ones were star ones, as she said they looked like sparklers the most. I'd love it if you let me know if you decide to recreate this activity!

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