Bumbo Floor Seat [Review]

The Bumbo floor seat is a product I really love, I mean really love. I had a green one when Emily was a baby, and stupidly I passed it onto another family hoping they would get lots of use out of it, after all, I wasn't sure If I would ever have another baby. When Isabelle started to want to sit up more and play with her sister, I knew that a Bumbo floor seat was exactly what I wanted to re-buy, and I really regretted not keeping Emily's Bumbo.

When Bumbo reached out and asked if I would like the opportunity to review the floor seat, I, of course, said yes, and was so excited to test it out! The design hasn't changed since Emily was small, although we did get a different colour, and the Bumbo does have the added addition of the straps inside - which we didn't have when Emily was a baby.

The bumbo has the option of being used with or without the tray, which is really useful. We have the tray and so far we have used it mainly for play. Isabelle loves the extra support it gives her and enjoys nothing more than sitting in her bumbo, playing with her toys with Emily. Emily loves it equally as much as she finally can play and interact with Isabelle a bit more, and it gives me the ability to sit a little away from them, and let them bond and interact undisturbed which I think is so important. The removable tray not only provides a convenient play area, but it also keeps toys, drinks and snacks within easy reach, the tray is smooth and easy to clean - it's also dishwasher safe!

The Bumbo floor seat is moulded which makes it soft and comfortable for the baby, and the shape means you can confidently put the baby into the floor seat, knowing that they will be supported and safe. The contoured seat fits your baby's posture and includes an adjustable safety harness with an easy-click buckle. It is also super easy to clean which makes it the perfect seat for baby to sit in while they are trying various different snacks or at the start of weaning. You can simply wipe clean the bumbo.

You can purchase the Bumbo in a variety of colours, of course, we opted for pink, but I was tempted by the yellow! It is a product that really is loved in our household and one that I would recommend over and over again. Isabelle loves that it gives her a little bit of independence, and Emily loves that she can sit and play with her sister, without Sam or I interrupting them.

We were kindly sent the bumbo floor seat, in exchange for our honest opinion and review of the product.


  1. both of my two children loved the bumbo, though I don't think they were made with trays back then. The tray is a great feature to make it easier to feed or grab their toys x

  2. Exactly what I need now with my 6 month old. I had the mama and papas snug first time around and I've also regretted giving it away.. why oh why? So a new floor seat is on the list!

  3. This looks fab and great that it can be used with or without the tray. I'll be telling my sister in law about this x

  4. I used a Bumbo Seat with both of the boys when they were babies and it was an absolute godsend at times. The tray attachment came in really handy for snack time and those little suction cup toys you can get xx

  5. Oh my goodness. How cute is Isabelle.
    I love the photo of Isabelle and Emily sitting together.
    I used a bumbo for both of my boys - Love it!
    Thanks for sharing this
    Charlotte :)


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