Braving The Dentist With Toddlers

I recently took a trip to the dentist, I was just due to have a normal checkup, and I wanted to make sure that my teeth were not damaged from constantly being sick during pregnancy (hyperemesis Gravidarum). While I was there I decided to register Emily, Emily hasn't long turned three, and Taking her to the dentist was one of the things that I never really thought about, sure she brushes her teeth morning and night, and we do look after her teeth. I just didn't really think she needed to go when she was this young, although I didn't want to leave it too long, as I don't want Emily to be frightened of the dentist like I am.

I have taken Emily in with me before, and my dentist has been lovely about it, had a little look inside her mouth, not really a checkup, just getting her used to the dentist, and the chair, and the whole thing really. It then dawned on me, how many parents actually do that? Are there lots of people who like me just don't know when the best time to take them to the dentist for the first time is? 

In preparation for her first own appointment (one that isn't linked to her coming into my appointment) we have been speaking about the dentist lots, and reading some books such as Topsy and Tims trip to the dentist, just to make her feel more at ease, and I really think it is doing the trick. She isn't at all worried about it like she was when I first mentioned going to the dentist.

Obviously, you want a nice dentist, some are really clinical and not very family friendly. I know my dentist surgery is lovely, the staff are welcoming, and I have had the same dentist since I was around Emily's age. I know that because I feel comfortable there, it will make Emily feel more at ease, there is this terrible habit we have as parents, which is not masking our fears - once children pick up on even the smallest bit of fear, they radiate that same fear. I know that most people are scared of the dentist just as I am, but it definitely is worth pushing through.

I have actually been looking into finding a practice that has good Orthodontic treatments, as I'm not 100% happy with my teeth, and by no means do I have a perfect smile. I have two uneven teeth at the bottom/front of my mouth, which are that way because my adult teeth started to grow while my baby teeth were still there, meaning I didn't actually have room for them. I was assured that it would correct itself, but it hasn't and I'm really not happy with the way it looks. Orthodontic treatments, using braces, have been around for many years, fortunately, technology has moved a long way, so you have lots more options than the traditional look of the 'train track' style braces. I found an Orthodontist in Halifax, that can give you beautiful straight teeth without giving you the train track style braces that most people hate. QuickStraight Teeth is a discreet, comfortable, and relatively inexpensive way to straighten 6 to 8 teeth, to give you a beautiful smile - which is just what I'm looking for.

I wondered if anyone ever had this kind of treatment? I'd love to hear your experiences.

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