Bonfire Night Firework Display [Ordinary Days]

This year was the first year that we braved it and took Emily to a firework display, something a lot of people don't know about me is I'm actually pretty scared of fireworks. It's not so much them, but the noise of them that scares me, anyway its something that I don't want to pass on to my girls. I don't want them to be scared of something because I am, and let's be honest, fireworks are really pretty.

I found it pretty difficult to find a firework display that wasn't on a Friday night, as Sam was working till pretty late meaning we would have missed the display on a Friday, Luckily we managed to find a firework display on the Sunday meaning we could all go! The firework display we went to was in Milton Keynes, so it was a little bit of a drive but it was SO worth it.

The whole field was turned into a huge fairground, Emily managed to rinse us for about £25 in fairground rides - but they are only young once and it was so worth it to see how happy she was. She also got her first taste of Candy Floss, which I'm happy to report she loved and it didn't turn her into a hyperactive little monster. The firework display was actually free too, which I guess is why we didn't mind that Emily got us to spend so much on fairground rides.

Although let me tell you a little story about the blooming hook-a-duck - which actually made me quite cross. So normal hook-a-ducks you catch a duck with a rod, and then there is a number on the bottom right? You would then pick a prize according to the number, so if it said one then you pick something from around the 'pond' if it's three, then around the edge of the stand. WELL not this hook-a-duck. Emily hooked a little duck, was so excited and hopeful she would get this Elsa doll, then the lady said nope you have to pick something from the middle, the things around the edge can only be one if you play FOUR, yes FOUR games - at £3 a go!! so £12 for a doll I could get for way cheaper than that elsewhere. I said 'no thanks its fine' and asked Emily to pick something else, but she wasn't that happy about it and still asked for Elsa, to which the lady said 'oh I can give it to you for £9'. I have no words. Like none. Safe to say we didn't get Elsa.

I was a little worried about Isabelle being upset by the bangs, but she was so happy. Honestly, she loved looking up at the sky watching the fireworks, and she was really snug in her pushchair covered by her Aden + Anais dream blanket - which is her absolute favourite blanket and I can't really blame her as it's so snuggly. She also loved watching the lights on the fairground rides, although she did fall asleep for most of the time we were there - but she was awake for the whole firework display.

The firework display itself was brilliant, it was set to music and definitely worth standing out in the cold for. Emily has been talking about the firework display and funfair pretty much every day since we went, so I know that next year she will love it even more, and I can't wait for Isabelle to be older and be able to properly experience it next year - as we are planning on making it a year thing. I'm SO glad I pushed myself and faced my fears for Emily, I mean just look at that happy little face.


  1. Awww issie looks so cute!! Glad you had a lovely time xx

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