5 Ways To Add Some Personality To Your Garden

Whatever kind of garden furniture you have, whether it be made of metal, wood or rattan direct from a quality manufacturer, adding some colour and flair is an ideal way to express your personality.

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space of your own, it represents the ideal opportunity to express your own personality and character. In just the same way as decorating your home to suits your own taste, you can decorate your garden to match your own unique flair and style, ensuring that both indoors and outdoors, your home is truly your own.

Here, we look at 5 ways of adding personality to your garden furniture to make your outdoor space beautiful and full of character.

1. Add Colourful Cushions

One of the best ways to bring extra style and colour to your outdoor space is to add colourful cushions for a splash of vibrancy in your garden. A pop of vivid green, tropical yellow or hot pink is a wonderful way to bring additional life and drama for a summertime feel all year round, and there is no better way to liven up your rattan sofa set.

Remember when choosing cushions that they should be weatherproof just in case they get left out in the rain overnight. If you leave ordinary indoor textiles outdoors, they will quickly spoil and degrade in the outdoor environment.

2. A Lick Of Paint

Add a touch of your own personality to wooden garden benches or decorative pots by giving it a lick of paint. Choose either a single colour in a shade of your choice or alternatively, try something a little more unusual such as a patterned design. Wooden benches lend themselves well to multi-coloured stripes and look beautiful in either vibrant or pastel shades.

3. Add Decorative Tiles

Colourful decorative tiles not only look wonderful indoors, they can look fantastic in your garden too. Adding some colourful tiles to the surface of your patio table will bring extra life to your space, and give your outdoor areas a continental feel.

Opt for Mediterranean-style terracotta or Greek-style blues and whites, or even go for a Victorian look with black and white squares. It's the ideal way to create an eye-catching feature on your decking.

4. Choose Unusual Pieces

If you already have a stylish rattan sofa in your garden but want to add something more for extra personality, why not pair your existing furniture with an unusual item for additional character. Choosing a piece which already has a personality of its own is an easy way to bring style and flair to your outdoor space, so visit flea markets and car boot sales to see what treasures you can find.

An unusual tree stump side table is perfectly designed to work in an outdoor environment, while a metal garden bench or even an unusual outdoor cupboard will liven up your garden, create a statement and be a focal point that is sure to catch the eye of your visitors.

5. Weatherproof Textiles

While we've already suggested adding some colourful weatherproof cushions to your rattan sofas to bring extra life to your garden, why not go the whole hog and create even more character by adding even more weather-resistant textiles to your outdoor space.

Bean bags designed specifically for outdoor use are a great colourful addition to your patio and provide a wonderfully relaxing spot to rest during the warmer months to enjoy a drink and to read a book or magazine. Weather-proof floor cushions are also perfect for casual outdoor spaces and are ideal for families with children who like to play outdoors on a soft surface on summer days.

A colourful outdoor rug is another fantastic way to brighten up your patio or terrace. A patterned rug will create the impression of a beautiful outdoor room and will liven up paving or decking exponentially. You can complement an existing colour scheme, or introduce a new splash of vibrancy with this unusual way of defining your garden space.

There are many ways of adding flair and personality to your garden furniture, and with the right touches, your outdoor space can be a haven of character and beauty that perfectly expresses your personality and unique sense of style.

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