Siblings [September 2017]

These are always my favourite posts to write, this month we went on holiday. Emily had the best time, and I think Isabelle did too, although she can't tell me like Emily can. Watching their relationship flourish while we were away was lovely. Emily dotes on Isabelle and loves to tell everyone that she is her sister.

On holiday there was a fairground, and Emily played the hook-a-duck game. She won herself a dog soft toy, and then after playing asked Sam and I if she could have another go as she wanted to win one for Isabelle. It really was the sweetest thing and of course, we let her. She picked out a little mouse soft toy. It meant a lot to me that Emily wanted to win Isabelle a toy too, and just shows how thoughtful she is, at just three months old.

We also took Isabelle to the beach for the first time. Emily enjoyed building sand castles and telling Isabelle how to make them and what she was doing. While Isabelle wasn't very keen on having the sand on her feet at first, Emily loved to put more sand on her feet, making sure that Isabelle got the full experience. Isabelle also loved watching the Teletubbies live show with Emily. Emily was keen to tell Isabelle who all of the different characters were, Isabelle was just interested in the flashing lights and various different colours. I can't wait until Isabelle is old enough to actually play games and have conversations with Emily - although I don't want her to grow up anytime soon.

Emily still manages to get the biggest smiles out of Isabelle. She has been doing lots of smiles, but now they are more of a reaction to what is happening around her, than just a smile because she has seen you. She is really trying to giggle now too, and I know Emily will love it when she can finally giggle. I personally thought she would be laughing and giggling by now, but I'm in no rush for her to grow up.

Adjusting to having two has been a little harder than I first thought. I did mention in my sibling post last month that I was struggling a little dividing my time between the two of them, this month has brought on new challenges. Especially with Isabelle being more alert, and not sleeping much during the day, I feel like I get even less time with Emily. 

Also, there is the fact that Emily has been toilet training for the past week and can I just take a moment to say she is absolutely smashing it, but she does require a lot of my attention, praise and help. So making sure that Emily is getting all the help she needs, without Isabelle feeling neglected is really difficult. I honestly do wish that there was two of me sometimes. I know that as they get older it will get easier, but for right now it is pretty hard. I can't remember the last time I actually had some time to myself. Motherhood hey.

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