Isabelle's 4 Month Update

Four whole months you have been in our lives - I can't quite believe that it has been that long, at the same time I feel like it has been longer as you have just slotted into our lives perfectly. Knowing that Isabelle is my last baby, really makes me appreciate the milestones a little bit more. I want to cherish all of the moments as I know that I'm not going to see them again with another baby as she is our last.

Isabelle currently weighs 13lb 11oz, she doesn't seem to be gaining weight like she used to though and has dropped her milk from 6oz to just 4oz. We have a hospital appointment tomorrow to talk about weaning her early. She is in size 3-6 month clothing and size three nappies.

When laying down, Isabelle can pull herself up the majority of the way up, she falls down after a few seconds of holding herself there but those muscles are certainly getting stronger. She can confidently sit in her bumbo, and really enjoys sitting there playing with her toys. Emily loves the fact she can sit up now too, as it means she is able to play with her lots more. Watching them play together really is the sweetest thing, and I love seeing them bond during play.

Isabelle loves her muslin swaddles. I literally end up washing at least once a day as she chews on them all day, and ends up making them wet through. She won't sleep without them and tends to rub them on her cheek. Sometimes she even ends up falling asleep with them on her face. I have to move them once she has fallen asleep just incase she gets tangled in them during her sleep - which is one of my worst fears. She also gets really upset if she doesn't have a muslin, or if someone takes them away from her.

Isabelle had her second set of jabs, she was so upset by them and Emily got really defensive about the whole thing. She turned to the nurse and said 'leave my baby sissy alone, she doesn't like you hurting her'. She doesn't quite understand that it was for her own good in the long run. I do love how protective she is of her sister though, I know that as they both get older, she will always be there to fight her sister's corner, which puts me at ease as I like to know that no matter what they have each other.

Isabelle is due to start weaning soon, hopefully within the next week - but I will write a whole separate post on that.

Our little Belle-bear has mastered grasping toys, she confidently picks them up and passes them from one hand to another. She also has a pretty strong grip on toys too, and will fight you to keep control of whatever she has in her hand. She has such a look of concentration when she is passing the items from hand to hand.

Isabelle has really found her voice, she has such a high pitched little squeal and loves to jib-jab to whoever will listen to her. We haven't yet had a proper giggle, she starts to giggle and then stops. She is such a serious baby in comparison to Emily. Emily would giggle and laugh and everything and anything, whereas Isabelle, takes a little longer to get a smile or giggle out of. She loves to study peoples faces instead and watch their reactions.

Just like her big sister, Isabelle has developed a love for In the night garden. I didn't really want her to get into television just yet but it was inevitable that it was going to happen as Emily watches In the night garden every night before bed. It's a nice addition to her routine watching it before the bedtime routines start.

Isabelle now knows her name, and she will look up and smile at you everytime she hears her own name. It's really lovely that she is now responding to her own name, although she responds to her nickname lots more than her actual name.

We are currently going through teething at the moment. she has turned into a little dribble monster and is chewing on anything and everything in sight. She has got slightly rosy cheeks and is a little bit upset at times, but it isn't a constant agitation or upset - it's like her teeth are niggling but they haven't yet broken through.

This month Isabelle got some beautiful gifts in her joint Halloween basket with Emily, she also went pumpkin picking with us - in all fairness, she did sleep for the majority of it though.

Emily - Don't forget to check out my sibling post.
Her muslins swaddles

Being on her own


  1. Ahhh what a gorgeous little that she has found her voice it's lovely when that happens.

  2. Oh my goodness, that last photo is just so adorable. Enjoy them while they are little, sadly they do grow up fast. Can't believe my baby is now 7!

  3. Ahh what a lovely update. I love this stage when they find their voices! She's gorgeous!

  4. Just looking at Isabelle makes me want to burst into song. She is beautiful and her smile is so cute x

  5. Oh she's a beauty! I love it when they start making little noises! x

  6. Aw she's adorable! Funny how they get so attached to an object isn't it? When my daughter was tiny, all she wanted if she hurt herself was her bunny - mummy would never be enough!

  7. It is so lovely when they start to have a voice isn't it!

  8. Awww such cuties. Enjoy the present. It goes by quickly.

  9. 4 months already - wow!! Love that she watches in the night garden, that was always part of our bedtime routine when mine were little

  10. Awww your babies are so gorgeous and cant believe Isabelle is already 4 months old, how time flies

  11. Aww she is so adorable. It's nice to update and watch how they have grown over the months


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