Isabelle's 3 Month Update

Our three-month-old baby girl! It is a strange feeling watching them get older, on one hand, I feel like she has always been here, on the other, it feels like she hasn't been here very long at all. Although she is the final little puzzle piece of our family, and I really couldn't imagine life without our little Belle-Bear now. I just wish it would slow down a little bit, especially as she is my final baby, I'm just not ok with how fast it is going.

I haven't actually got Isabelle weighed yet - naughty I know but I'm taking her next week. Isabelle has just moved into 3-6 month clothing. She is such a long baby, she really does need the bigger size for the length but then her sleepsuits are so baggy around her stomach it's frustrating. I used to have the same problem with Emily too - so I'm guessing she is going to be tall like her big sister. She has also moved up to size 3 nappies.

Isabelle also had her first set of jabs, which she absolutely hated. She cried and screamed which was a huge shock for me, as when Emily had hers she didn't even flinch - bless her heart. She is booked for her second lot of jabs on the 11th, which I am dreading taking her to, as I know she is going to be just as upset as the first time, and I hate taking her by myself but Sam has to work.

Isabelle is in a pretty good routine, she goes to bed at about 11-11.30pm and sleeps through until 6am, when she wakes for a bottle and then goes back to sleep till about 9am. It works out perfectly for me, as Emily wakes at about 8am, and then I get her up, do breakfast and everything before Isabelle wakes - it means Emily and I get a little one on one time in the morning which Emily is really enjoying. Isabelle doesn't really nap much during the day, if she does it is just a little cat nap for about 20-30 minutes. The rest of the time she is happy to play, she absolutely loves her bouncer and playmat. She is definitely happiest when she is on her playmat. 

Isabelle is still Similac Alimentum as she has a cows milk protein allergy (CMPA). She has an appointment at the end of the month with paediatrics, where we are going to talk about weaning and lots of other things to deal with her allergy. Isabelle is very sensitive to cows milk, if Emily has cows milk and touches Isabelle she will break out in a rash almost instantly, which is something that the health visitor is a little concerned about as it means it's unlikely that she is going to grow out of her allergy like most children with CMPA do. She is happy on her formula though and takes about 5-6oz every 3-4 hours. She also goes throughout the night without a feed, as she has her last bottle around 11-11.30pm and doesn't wake for another feed till 6am.

This week Isabelle has learnt to grab her toys. When you lay her on her playmat she is constantly reaching for the toys trying to grab them or bat them. Emily was playing with Isabelle's little bunny with her the other day, and Isabelle opened her hand and took it straight from her much to Emily's surprise.

We took Isabelle swimming while we were on holiday, it was her first time swimming and I weren't sure if she would like it or not as she is a little hit and miss when it comes to bath time, sometimes she absolutely loves them, other times she's not too keen and cries. When we first got into the swimming pool she was ok, but I didn't keep her in there for too long as the swimming pool (even the baby pool) was freezing cold. Luckily there were some sun loungers next to the swimming pool, so I was able to get out, wrap Isabelle up and feed her - she quickly fell asleep. 

The next day Emily wanted to go swimming again, and of course we took her, I thought about sitting poolside with Isabelle but decided to try her again in the water, and she loved it. She laid back and was so content to just lay there and look around. She also loved being close to her dadda and I, just floating in the water. She wasn't at all bothered when Emily splashed her either which was definitely a bonus. She stayed in the swimming pool for about 30 minutes before she started to get a little upset, at that point I got her out and fed her, she fell asleep and I sat watching Emily enjoy the slides with her dadda from the poolside.

This month Isabelle has been on her first family holiday, been swimming for the first time, took a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park, and had her first cinema trip - which she slept the whole way through! 

Her big sister - don't forget to check out our sibling post.
Her bunny

Taking a nap
Being on her own


  1. adorable pictures! It must be hard with an allergy, but it sounds like she is doing well with her feeding and sleeping x

  2. We have neves next immunisations due and I'm dreading them! The meningitis b vaccine is quite brutal but needed!

  3. Aww, she’s so gorgeous. Lovely photos. So great that she enjoyed swimming so much. I have taken my three to lessons since they were babies and they all love swimming. D

  4. Aw what beautiful captures! The dreaded jabs are awful aren't they?! Although for the best, it still doesn't make it any easier when they get so upset. Nice to hear she is enjoying swimming :) x

  5. Aww lovely. Can't believe she's 3 months already!!! I hardly ever got my littlest weighed. Fab to hear she's enjoying swimming x


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